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Nikola Tesla: a mad inventor who shaped the world as we see it!

Updated on August 28, 2014

Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor , electrical and mechanical engineer and also a futurist. He got famous for his design of modern alternating current(AC) . He is also famous for his tremendous achievements which earned him a reputation as an archetypal (a mad scientist)
Whatever money he earned were reused in his own big projects out of which , many were huge success and many were not as successful.
In this article i will mainly discuss about the various inventions that led to the construction of a new world as we see it. Tesla always had this dream of giving free electricity to the whole world. Sadly enough , he was surrounded by people who didn't support his views because his ideals and inventions were threatening their positions in the market. That's why his workshop was burned and his patents were stolen . At a later point he even mastered the wireless transmission of electricity . Although his patents list is huge , more than 300 or so .

Few of Telsa’s famous inventions and discoveries are:

1. Alternating Current(AC)

2. Harnessing of Light using AC distribution lines

3. Radio

4. Electric powered motor

5. Free Wireless electricity

6. Wireless communications

Beginning of Tesla

Tesla was said to possess eidetic memory(photographic memory) and was said to perform integral calculus in his mind and subsequently finished a four-year term in just three.He also worked for Edison. There he was given the job to redesign the DC generators which he successfully did. But due to low pay , he left Edison's company and partnered with some other company with the renamed it to Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing. From here started his days of glory . He got his first patent for dynamo electric machine commutators. However things didn't go well and he was forced out .
One of his initial patents was AC and the induction motor .

Perfect partnership between Tesla and George Westinghouse
Perfect partnership between Tesla and George Westinghouse | Source

AC and the induction motor

In 1887 , he developed an induction motor which ran alternating current . This was new and potentially strong compared to DC based machines and was starting to get its grip on Europe and US because of its advantages in long distance high voltage transmission. Tesla made a partnership with George Westinghouse and started developing polyphase induction motor and transformer . Tesla was also hired by westinghouse to be a consultant at Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company. Tesla also helped in making of AC system to power city streetcars.

War of Currents!

Tesla was a strong supporter of AC and hence on AC side of War of Currents . It was a battle between edison and westinghouse . Tesla's AC powered patents rivaled with DC powered system of Edison.
In 1893, Westinghouse won the battle to light the Columbian Exposition wih AC power showing the good points of AC power. Here Tesla showed high-voltage and frequency AC to ligh a wireless gas-discharge lamp and the end result was induction of wonder and astonishment.

Tesla discovered a strange energy which he called radiant energy of invisible kinds . In 1896, after hearing of Wilhelm Rontgen's discovery of X-ray , tesla started his own experiments on X-ray , however what he developed was of greater power rays and hazardous . There was skin damage in various cases caused by production of ozone gas .

Nikola Tesla with a gas-filled light bulb illuminated without wires.
Nikola Tesla with a gas-filled light bulb illuminated without wires. | Source
Tesla unaffected by millions of high voltage electricity.
Tesla unaffected by millions of high voltage electricity. | Source


Tesla Coil was basically used in the radio . His theories on possibility of transmission of radio waves go way back in 1893 . However only in 1898 could he demonstrate a radio controlled boat. He called it "teleautomaton" . Everyone was shocked and called it magic , telepathy etc.
He had to fight with Marconi for the patent of radio which tesla won in the end.
Radio was a great break in the scientific field and is said to be the base of the modern communication we use now-a-days . If not for tesla , our modern world would be in a very different shape right now .

Atmospheric electricity experiments!

Tesla researched atmospheric electricity and he observed stationary waves . He confirmed that earth has its won resonant frequency . He even showed artificially created lighting with discharges of millions of volts . Various phenomena were observed around the experimental area like sparks from water line taps , light bulbs glowed withing 100feet of lab and electric shocks felt by many. Tesla also faulted a power station generator and caused power outage.

His experiments were too ahead of time and were not accepted widely by the people around . He fell into lots of debts and had to sell the lab to pay off the debts . Tesla was successful in his experiments and now knew that it was possible to harness the electricity present in the atmosphere and inside the earth for the welfare of everyone in the world .

Wardenclyffe Tower and his unfinished experiments!

Wardenclyffe Tower was Tesla's dream project . After lots of researching about atmospheric electricity , he knew that it was possible to supply wireless electricity to everyone without the need of wires and it will be free. But attaining his dream was not easy because no business man wanted to spend in a charity project . So Tesla decided to do this on his own and he started to build a tower which will supply wireless electricity .But with the scarcity of fund , it took a hell lot of time to build the tower and in the end , tesla could not complete and run it .

While experimenting with his own mechanical oscillators , he generated a resonance of several buildings which destroyed most of the buildings . Tesla believed that by the application of electricity , the brain can be enhanced so he made a electricity saturated classroom for students.

He postulated that electricity can be used to locate submarines using reflection of electric ray of ultra high frequency . Although he was wrong about it but he close to the concept of sonar so even though he was wrong , he was dreaming correctly .


Teleforce ! energy weapon

Also known as the 'death ray' or 'peace ray' . Tesla claimed to have developed a weapon which was capable of pin point attack on ground based infantry and antiaircraft attack . He claimed that it was the mos powerful weapon of its kind and ran on electricity so was easy to mass develop.

The concept was to produce manifestation of energy in the air , then generate huge electrical force , amplify the force developed and project it towards the enemy using a gun.

Tesla claimed to have not just made it but used it and very soon , he would give it to the world. He wanted to put an end to the wars that were being fought all over the world . However many efforts were made to steal his invention , his room was all messed up , scrutinized but nothing could be found as his invention was not on any document or paper .

He has anticipated this coming so he kept the blueprint of this weapon in his mind only. He finally decided that the world was not ready for this weapon and didn't disclose it to the world.


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