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Nikon Digital SLR Camera

Updated on December 29, 2010

Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera Review

Nikon has unveiled the D3100, its latest entry-level offering and its first DSLR that can record full 1080p HD videos. Successor to the popular D3000, it is built around a 14.2 CMOS sensor and a 3 inch LCD.

Features Nikon D3100 14.2MP

14.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor, It has a 3-inch monitor with One-Touch Live View shooting and movie capture. The Nikon has 3x 18-55mm Zoom-NIKKOR VR Image Stabilization lens

The Nikon Digital Camera is one of the best due to full 1080p HD Cinematic Video with full-time autofocus and sound, it comes with a simple and Easy-To-Use Nikon Guide Mode with intuitive controls and on-board assistance that anybody can use without any difficulties regardless of whether how you are conversant with Digital Camera or you have little knowledge and it capture images to SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards

Factors to Consider when Buying Nikon Digital SLR Camera

There are so many factors to consider before buying a particular Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera as discussed below

Cost Nikon D3100 14.2MP

Consider the cost of the Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera before making any purchase, to get the best value for your money check all major online shopping portal to make sure that price are comparable for the same digital slr nikon Camera. Such places to check out prices include eBay, Ciao and Amazon. Then buy your Nikon at Amazon since shopping here is more secure and safe for customers. The cost of a particular Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera may differ on various shopping portal depending on many factors including shipping and packaging. At Amazon you will "Save $50 Instantly" if you buy the Nikon

Durability of Nikon D3100 14.2MP

How long is the Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera going to last before wearing out, the longer the Nikon brand can last the better? High value Nikon will save money since it will last for many years before buying one. Buy high quality Niko Camera that will give you quality photos rather than going for low quality imitated Nikon Digital Camera


Efficiency and Effectiveness Nikon D3100 14.2MP

Ask yourself how effective is the Nikon Camera brand you are about to buy. Will it meet the demand at the required period of time or it will eventually do it's job after taking to much time. For business you need Nikon Camera which is effective and efficient and produce high quality photos

Availability Nikon D3100 14.2MP

Check the availability of the Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR, check which online stores have the digital Camera and here I would prefer Amazon because once a product is listed on Amazon you are sure and guaranteed that it's available


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    • oderog profile image

      oderog 6 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks Madama about the Nikon Camera comment, it is one of the most powerful digital camera for photographers

    • Madama profile image

      Madama 6 years ago from Harrisburg PA

      Good hub on Nikon Cameras!