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Ninja Proxy

Updated on April 21, 2015

What is Ninja Proxy?

Ninja proxy or also known as Ninja cloak actually is a famous website that offers anonymous web based proxy service for free. A proxy or also called as proxy server actually is a computer system or application that has a function as a network hub which processing internet requests. Proxy acts as an intermediary between user's computer and the Internet. The way proxy works are by processing the requests from user's computer to the Internet and then give what you want such as information from the Internet, file, web page, or anything that are available from a different server. In addition, proxy also has other functions such as firewall, to filter the received contents from the Internet and capable of hiding the information or the identity of a client who wants to surf the internet as an anonymous user. Ninja proxy is a type of proxy where you can use the service for free and surf the Internet anonymously. So, by using ninja proxy, you can surf the Internet without revealing your identity or any information you have such as IP address while surfing the Internet. By surfing the Internet anonymously, other servers can’t read or take any information from you.

Ninja proxy does not require any applications that you need to download and installed on your desktop. You simply go to the Ninja proxy website and use the service by typing additional web addresses (URLs) that you want to visit anonymously in the box that provided.


What are the advantages by using ninja proxy and similar web based proxy service?

• You can surf the Internet and open any site wherever you are, whether at home, at school or in the office or anywhere with limited Internet access either because of a firewall or blocked certain sites. School or workplace usually restricts Internet access to certain sites for various reasons.

• You can access specific sites that are blocked either by the government of the country where you live or limitation of access to certain websites that you could not previously access. Ninja Proxy provides an opportunity so that you can access all of the sites indefinitely.

• If you want to hide your identity or personal information so that your privacy is not stolen or violated, you can use the ninja proxy that is useful for hiding your IP address and other personal information belonging to you such as geographical location, browser that you use, the type of operating system, country, etc. that are will not be known by the other when browsing the internet.

• Ninja proxy does not require a program or application that must be downloaded and installed on your computer to enjoy the services, you just need to go to the Ninja proxy website and use their services that already provided on the site.

• You do not need to pay the fee within a certain amount because the services provided by the ninja proxy are free.

• You do not have to worry about leaving a trail of cookies or internet browsing history, so no one will know the sites that you access through Ninja proxy.

• By using ninja proxy, you do not have to worry about being tracked by others because your identity and information such as IP address will be hidden through Ninja proxy.

• Ninja proxy is useful to avoid tracking from advertisers that annoying, so you are free to surf the Internet and viewing the content of a website without being bothered by some annoying advertisers.

• By using ninja proxy, it helps to avoid getting attacked by viruses, trojans, spyware, malware and various types of programs or other malicious applications that are widespread on the Internet. Ninja proxy can act as a filter to protect your computer from many unwanted contents that wish to infiltrate or attack your computer.

• By using Ninja proxy, you can search and compare the lowest prices on certain websites that sell goods and services from different countries.

• By using ninja proxy, you will be able to do a market research from different locations, for example for advertising purposes.

• Ninja proxy can be used to open any site including email service sites. This is useful if you want to check a wide range of incoming email, including any unknown emails such as email that provides you with malicious contents such as viruses, trojans, spyware, and other malware. Ninja proxy services can filter the content of an unwanted email.

How to use ninja proxy?

To use the Ninja proxy actually is simple. You just need to type the URL (website address) you want to go in the box has been provided on the site to surf the Internet. Ninja proxy does not require additional software to run the application or service, so, you do not have to worry that you need to download and install a software or an application on your desktop to use the service.

List of other web based proxy service similar to ninja proxy

There are other websites or web based proxy service similar to Ninja proxy that provides anonymous surfing. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. Some web based proxy service that provides anonymous surfing similar to Ninja proxy is giving service such as to manage cookies and to adjust the settings of “virtual browser”. Some web based proxy service that provides anonymous surfing similar to Ninja proxy also provides shortcuts to several popular websites such as YouTube and Facebook. Below is the list of other web-based proxy service similar to Ninja proxy that provides anonymous surfing. You can, however, test some of these sites, whether it will satisfy you to open or viewing some of your favorite sites.

This site has a simple appearance, but it seems there are no ads that usually saw annoying for visitors. Although they do not charge a fee for its service, has a column where volunteers can donate their help with Bitcoins where it says to help them grow the event servers to provide even faster, more reliable anonymous browsing.

Unfortunately, unlike the Ninja proxy, have pop-ups that may be annoying for some people to open the site. The advantage, offers direct access to some of the leading websites such as Google and Facebook. is another web-based proxy service that has a simple look. This free web-based proxy service does not provide much information other than the information about IP addresses and how to hide IP addresses. The advantage, this site gives various alternative links to other web-based proxy service that you can test.

Beside offers free anonymous browsing, you can also adjust the settings for your "Virtual Browser" where these options affect the information the proxy sends to the target server. In addition, you can view and delete cookies set on your computer by sites accessed through their service in managing cookies page.

In addition, as the web-based proxy service that provides anonymous surfing, also provide an email that you contact to report any violation regarding their services such as if the service used for various illegal purposes. In addition, has information and background on the site, a description of the filter web and even a forum. provide a free proxy to surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your Internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your online identity. Before surfing other links using, you can enable or disable the SSL security. also provides advanced options from proxy server settings, URL obfuscation or disabling flash and javascript. also offers a wide range of other features such as privacy software and anonymous email. They offer pro-VPN plans if a user wants to use more beneficial features of their services.

It said that is a Japanese web based free proxy service. If you visit, your information such as IP address, country, flag, and the city will appear on the side of the web page. They are also providing links to their twitter account, google groups and VPN link.

Similar to, can also adjust the settings for your "virtual browser" by using this web based proxy service and manage cookies. There are also many links to other web based service below the page that might also be a reference or comparable to those of you who want to try to use other web based proxy service. is just like other web based proxy services that provide anonymous surfing. They provide shortcuts to several popular sites including Facebook and YouTube.

Another web based proxy service provides for anonymous surfing similar to Ninja proxy. provides some shortcuts to several popular sites such as Google and Facebook. The visitor can also view and delete cookies set on their computer from sites that accessed through service on

Another web based proxy service provides for anonymous surfing similar to Ninja proxy.

You might think with a web based proxy services such as Ninja proxy, you can do anything including doing things that are illegal. If you think like that you may be wrong because no matter what, all the things that violate the law or if you are passing through the boundaries, it always has a reasonable impact and risk. For example, if you try to break the rules in the office where you work by trying to unblock the sites that have blocked by your office, you may confident using a web based proxy services but if you’re using it frequently and beyond reasonable limits, your boss maybe suspect you and try hire an IT professional to track your computer and you eventually get caught. This will jeopardize your job position.

Using a web based proxy services is not possible without a gap when you use it without being responsible and are not wise. Because it would be better if you use a web based proxy services for things that are positive and beneficial and without having to break the rules.


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