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Nitecore Sens AA Flashlight Review

Updated on July 19, 2015
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This author is a former I.T. graduate turned vagabond who travelled extensively and has lived and worked in Japan for many years.

I have personally owned this small Nitecore Sens AA flashlight for about two years. Here is my review on the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Nitecore sens AA
Nitecore sens AA | Source

Nitecore Sens AA Advantages

I have personally owned this small Nitecore Sens AA flashlight for about two years. Here is my review on the advantages and disadvantages of it.

It is small, light and easy to carry and conceal. This encourages me to bring it with me every day. So I will always have access to a good light source.

It is also waterproof. I have put it in a glass of water and it still works.

It is a quality, well-made, strong flashlight. I have dropped it a few times from waist height and it still works.

It is very cheap to run. It only requires only one AA battery. This is the best battery to use, as it’s always easy to find replacements from a shop, or in an emergency from another electronic device that you may have. I use one rechargeable AA battery. I only recharge it about once every 3 months, as I don’t use my flashlight much. However it will hold charge for a long time if you use a quality rechargeable battery. So I know that I’m not going to run out of light in the middle of using it.

5 stars for Nitecore Sens AA

Active Dimming Technology

It has 3 smart automatically changing power modes. Low mode is for reading, medium for walking on a trail, and high for looking ahead. Simply hold the flashlight vertical when turning it on to activate the modes. Then as the angle of the flashlight changes the mode will change with it. For example holding it straight ahead will give you a high-powered beam. Holding it on a slight downward angle for walking will lower the beam to medium. Holding it nearly straight down will activate the lowest power saving beam. Low beam is great for reading or trying to pick a splinter out of your skin. If you have a really bright beam it’s hard to see things up close.


This flashlight can be hard to turn on, as it is a twist on/off model. It’s a real pain if you have to repeatedly turn it on and off. It’s not fast enough for some situations. Also it takes two hands to turn it on, as it is quite tight. So you may have to drop your tools or whatever you’re doing to get a light source.

There is also no pocket clip; however I have overcome this with modifications. No pocket clip can be good for when carrying on a set of keys to minimize weight and space in pocket.

Lastly the paint scratches off quite easily so it won’t stay looking new for long if you carry it on a set of keys, or if it gets a lot of hard use.


If you see the picture below, you will notice that I have added a key ring and Para cord, so it can be tied to pants. This makes it virtually impossible to loose. However it’s harder to take off and use it. I have also added a small neodymium magnet that I got for free out of a DVD Player. It has simply been glued down with super glue, and the power of the magnet also helps it hold to the flashlight. This enables the flashlight to be mounted onto any metal surface. For hands free use, just mount it to your metal belt clip.

Overall I would say this is well worth what I paid for it. I am confident I will get many more years of use from it.

If you wish to know more about flash lights. go to Candle Power Forums. Its the largest online flashlight community in the world.

Magnet on back of Nitecore sens AA
Magnet on back of Nitecore sens AA | Source
Nitecore sens AA sticking to a fridge
Nitecore sens AA sticking to a fridge | Source

What kind of flash lights do you prefer?

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© 2015 Dave

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