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Best Practices for Business - Safety Signs - No Cell Phone Signs | Buy Online

Updated on November 9, 2011

Every public event has an announcement for no cell phone or a polite request to kindly silence their cell phones. Yet, very few public buildings have a visual reminder as you enter the door.

Yes, I am human, yes it has happened to me - and yes, I fumbled and the entire audience heard the entire ring!

One of the places that I work has a computer sheet of paper stuck to the wall as a reminder. Which prompted me to research what is available for reminder signs for silencing cell phones.

I need a reminder - and so do many others.

If you own, operate or manage a building, take the leadership role and invest in a sign today.

Best Practice for Business - Display No Cell Phone Posters

Yes, every office supply house has a token sign.

Yet, if you care for your building you need to care with the sign that you display.

I imagine this is the reason by so few buildings post a friendly reminder.

Custom signs complete with your company logo would be the very best.

Adding a polite terminology such as out of respect for others, please silence your cell phones simply use the symbol with the cell phone with the red X through it.

I need a reminder - and so do many others.

If you own, operate or manage a building, take the leadership role and invest in a sign today.

Montage of No Signal - The Dramas

Greatest Frustration - No Cell Phone Coverage

Have you counted your bars?

Have you cursed when your phone was dead?

Have you cursed when you have no cell phone coverage?

Check out the montage from various movies detailing the lack of cell phone service and/or dead battery or dropping the cell phone and many more....


Great Signage - Limited Cell Phone Service

Speaking of cell phones - wouldn't it be nice to know if the cell phone reception was limited?

I love the sign to the right because it provides useful information to the passerby.

We live on our cell phones - if reception is limited - tell us - we can be better prepared.

This sign is great because it even gives the distance of the nearest telephone.

We live in a world of assume conveniences. What a great community to have a sign that fully services the people passing by.

Buy No Cell Phone Use Signs Online

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Darth Vader Style No Cell Phones in the Cinema

No Cell Phones - Office - Movies - Galactic Nuisance

Don't be a "galactic nuisance" as they say in this short Darth Vader type video that encourages you to turn off your cell phone.

Safety Sign Must - No Cell Phone

Does your organization have a safety sign that reminds your employees and your guests to be courteous and turn off their cell phone?

Do you live in a community where everyone knows a certain area has no cell phone service? Can you community benefit by a sign that informs passerby s of the lack of cell phone service in that area?

Be a proactive citizen and make a recommendation today. A safety sign informs and promotes good will and lasts for years - a small investment - a great investment that will pay dividends to your community and/or your organization.

© 2011 GmaGoldie


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    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      I need a reminder to turn off my cell phone - I feel better IF I am told visually rather than be caught with my phone ringing. Thank you for your kind words.

      I hope this Hub inspires people to place signs as a quiet reminder.

    • profile image

      ed77burns 7 years ago

      Fantastic hub!!