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No Internet Starting Monday July 9th - For Unprepared Web Goers

Updated on July 7, 2012

Monday Could Get A Whole Lot Worse...

For those of you who are not technical or internet savvy, you might not be aware of the potential internet doom and gloom brewing for unprepared users - via DNS (Domain Name Server) Malware.

What's The Problem?

Internet and web hackers have for some time now, infected millions of computers around the world with malicious software called "DNSChanger," which essentially allows them to control DNS Servers (or the way you browse the internet). Generally, this malware is used to redirect your search or request to an alternate one - usually of their choice - like an advertisement, or inappropriate content. These cyber criminals have, or intend on, interfering with the simple process of web browsing - by redirecting your requests. This problem has been around for quite some time now, but it's coming to a grinding hault this Monday, July 9th.

So What's Different About This Monday?

To understand what the impact of this Monday is... you need a little back story. Since this malware has infected millions of computers around the world - for quite sometime now - the FBI has actually already stepped in. In fact, a long time ago they created a re-direct OF the redirect, to prevent a web meltdown previous to the one that could potentially exist on Monday (and yes I said a re-direct of the re-direct). This "band-aid" they had in place all this time, allowed users to surf the web without incident, but that fix costs a lot of money and a lot of time. So simply put, the "band-aid" needs to be ripped off, and that's what's happening this Monday.

How Do I Tell If I'm Infected?

Fortunately, they've made the process of checking our computers for this infection rather easy. If you live in the United-States, all you have to do is visit this website url listed below, and if you see a GREEN background image - you're safe. If you see a RED background image, you'll need to take some action, because you are most likely infected.

GREEN Equals A Safe Health Status
GREEN Equals A Safe Health Status

How To Fix - If You Are Infected

There are a few major software companies putting out potential fixes for this problem. Among the "league leaders" are Microsoft, Norton AntiVirus, & McAffee. Use the links below to apply potential fixes to this infection.

Do You Think This Threat Was Publicized Enough By Media & The Government?

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