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No Internet, Not Anymore

Updated on March 30, 2016

Project Loon, the first of its kind Balloon Powered Internet.

When you can not find any answer to your homework in who you trust? I know what are you thinking , it is Google. Or in more precise words it is the Internet which has connected the world. It is the internet for which globalization happened. From culture to lifestyle every other thing in the world is going through many advancements as Internet happened to this world. Internet does not differentiate people over distance,gender or race, it just connects you to the world of Internet. According to a survey there are more than three billion people are connected through internet. You can imagine why is you vision so strong because you have the visions of three billion people which made your vision better. You will get every information you are looking for in just few seconds. Internet made the world feel like a small place. Through internet you get to see many places you never imagined of their existence in the first place.The applications of internet are not limited to that, people are working from home through internet, people getting their stuffs at their doorstep through internet and also they get to order food online from a list of classic recipes around the world through the internet. You don't need stand in queue to send money or to book ticket. Internet made our work effortless. Though their are many advancements you see still it is nothing because Google says two third of the people are still unable to access the Internet. But one-day everyone in this world will be connected to the Internet and that day is not far from today as one of the most successful organisation to bring software innovation to this world is working on it, which is Google. Then there must have some questions popping out of your head that how are they going to do it or how much effort/budget it is going to take? Well there is a old saying "where there is will, there is a way" and google has found its own way.Google has promised to provide internet in the most remote areas. They have named this revolutionary project as Project Loon, where the internet carriers will be google wifi balloons.

This Project Loon has already been successfully experimented in some countries by the Google X under Mike Cassidy, who leads the Project Loon team.So to take place this revolution Google is sending helium balloons carried antennas which is why they also called it “balloon powered internet”. Previously there are many difficulties to avail internet to the people in remote areas and the main problem was to build a large Telecom infrastructure in those areas. But this is going to be solved by the Google Balloons which will be the carriers of internet for this new revolution

These are high-altitude balloons which means it is going to be in a height of approx 18km from ground surface. The balloons will be placed in stratosphere which has an advantage that the balloons will not be affected by any of Flights or change in weather as all these things happen in only 10 kms from surface i.e. in troposphere. Not only that the wind speed in the stratosphere is also less than troposphere so these high altitude Google balloons can be well controllable.

Further stratosphere can be divided by layers as the wind speed of one layer is different from other layers. So to place the balloons at some point, before sending balloons Google analyze some software algorithms and the atmospheric datas so that the balloons will be at the position in the atmosphere where they wanted it to be held.

The balloons will be very big like parachutes and are made with polythene. The 1st person/ test pilot to avail this google wifi is from a very remote area in New Zealand.Google balloons is going to improve in communicating to the most rural areas and also it is going to help a lot in time of natural disasters. You will be accessed to internet even when you are at the Himalayas or you are in Sahara you are going to find google wifi everywhere.This balloons are powered by Helium and they will carry some antennas which will be connected to the google ground stations and which are then connected to ISP(Internet Service Providers).


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