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Nokia E71

Updated on May 27, 2009

Quick Tip

Turn WLAN scanning of when you don't need wi-fi to increase your battery life.

Nokia has made a great work with E71, the new member of E series combines; stylish design with good features and has become the strongest opponent of BlackBerry in the smart phone market. The best part of E71 is Nokia offers the user friendly Nokia environment within this smart phone with lots of capabilities.

Nokia E71 has great features to enhance mobility. You can connect to your e-mail (IMAP, POP, SMTP protocols) via wi-fi or Internet service (3G or EDGE) and also synchronize with your business e-mail, contacts and calendar (Exchange server). Setting up e-mails takes only few seconds. You can also download Windows Live Messenger or Skype and just chat with your friends. With the full QWERTY keyboard writing e-mails or messages is really easy. You can browse the internet with Nokia Web Browser which enables you to zoom in and out of a specific part in the page and you can see your location on entire page through mini map. E71 comes with Office software that lets you view and edit Word, Excel and PDF files.

Nokia E71 also has an integrated GPS coming with pre installed Nokia Map.

Nokia E71 has memory expandable up to 8GB with Micro SD cards and you can enjoy music with Windows Media Player or watch streaming video over Real Media. E71 has a 3.2 mega pixel built in camera which takes high quality pictures and capture videos. There is also an integrated FM radio.

The only uncomfortable feature of the Nokia E71 is the headphone which doesn't fit your ears very well and hard to replace because it's 2.5mm.

Nokia E71 is a great smart phone that combines the business features with a style and comes up with a good price compared to BlackBerry Bold. I would really recommend E71 if you are looking for a smart phone with good features.


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    • profile image

      Nokia 5800 Applications 7 years ago

      I will certainly prefer Nokia E71 as i generally travels a lot and my laptop has some problem. so to be in touch with official work and contacts, i would go for Nokia E71 as it have WI-Fi and integrated GPS facility to help me.

      thanks buddy for nice sharing!

    • bloggerdollar profile image

      bloggerdollar 8 years ago

      I use word files to keep my notes. I think that works pretty fine.

      It also has a ActiveNotes tool but I find Word files more efficient.

    • profile image

      David Rayner 8 years ago

      Do you recommend the e71 for note taking?