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Nokia Nostalgia II-The Nokia 7360 (A Ladies Phone)

Updated on May 13, 2012

First Shot Out Of The Package From My Lumia 800

7360 Manual

Manual as it arrived at work
Manual as it arrived at work
Manual cover
Manual cover
Accessories page
Accessories page
7360 Functions
7360 Functions

Nokia Nostalgia II -The Nokia 7360

This piece is in no way a review, it would be simply unfair and rediculous to compare a 2004 mobile phone with the modern day pocket computer that most people carry in there pockets today. It's simply a short piece with a few photographs in way of a thankyou to the people at Nokia Support Discussions for giving me the phone via a little competition they ran there, and I was lucky enough to win twice !! See my piece on the 3650 here and all I actually had to do to win was to get my name picked out of a hat, so thanks once again to Wayne Spillet from the NSD forum, both for his idea to clear out the office draws at Nokia House and for giving a few of us the chance to win some pristine pieces of Nokia Nostalgia.

I've had the phone for a couple of weeks now, but simply not had the time to do anything with it, not that I could do a great deal, as unfortunately I had no means to either update software or transfer anything to or from it other than contacts via my sim card. The handset was actually posted to me with only a battery, followed this week by a manual (thanks again Wayne) which inspired me to get my act together and do a bloggy type thing and post a few pics and comments. As I couldn't connect to the phone without a suitable cable (the one I had from my old 6230i fitted but would not connect to my PC, maybe a driver issue ?) and as the handset didn't have BlueTooth and I don't possess anything with infrared transfer I was a little stumped. I would have liked to have posted a couple of shots from the phones camera, but couldn't get them off it and the web functionality was virtually unuseable so couldn't download anything that way either, so unlike the 3650 which I actually did manage a couple of Tweets from, the 7360 was simply stuck with calls and text messaging, kind of making my idea of trying to use it for a day or so virtually impossible, as since the days of it's release, 90% of my phone use and many others I should imagine is web or app based ?

7360 with Manual

Now to the handset itself, well, it could hardly be described as 'butch' ! It was released as a fashion phone aimed at lady users, and I would imagine in it's day a lot of women would have been quite proud to pull it from there pocket or bag to reveal its gold screen bezel and 'leather' back panel, along with the 'designer label' on the right hand side of the handset, it's function in the early 'noughties' was well up to par, and candybar phones with T9 keyboards were the standard and Nokias design was chic and cool.For anyone actually wanting specs on the phone , they can be found here and for anyone wanting to see what it looks like I hope the photos I took with my N9 do it justice.

The 7360 in bits & screen close ups , taken by my N9

7360 from different angles, taken with N9

Well that's about it, wish I could have thought of something interesting or amusing to say, but thought photos would do a better job than my literary skills ?

Thanks for reading and viewing the post.

Stephen Quin


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    • carman58 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Leeds, Uk

      Thanks for viewing Ali, browser totally unuseable sadly, did try , but slower than a slow thing on a slow day and 90% of time failed to load :( Cute thing though and as near to mint condition as you could get :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting looking phone, love the design- looks elegant without being tacky (difficult to pull off)- how about a browser test and OVerclock? Also can I run Autocad on it?

      Cheers, Ali


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