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Nokia Pureview 808: 41 MP Cameraphone from Nokia!! Best camera in a Mobile

Updated on September 17, 2012

A 41 mega pixel camera on a Mobile! Nokia Best Camera Phone

Forget your iPhone4S’s 8MP camera or the other best camera mobile phones, Nokia is bringing such a camera phone which will make other’s appear ludicrous. A 41 mp camera on a mobile! Yes, you read it right, the new Nokia 808 Pureview mobile has a hooping 41 mega pixel sensor.

The native resolution of the phone is widescreen (16:9) which lets you get the max picture output @ 38 MP that is 7152 x 5368. With this phone Nokia has gotten the entire spotlight in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012. This phone is a big leap forward in the history of mobile imaging.

Pixel Oversampling in Pureview 808

Though maximum output resolution is 38 MP Nokia expects that most people will use the 5MP output mode. Nokia also recommends doing so. It is because in 38 mp resolution the image size will be too big. RAW file size would be 57.6 MB and JPEG 100 will be 4.3 MB. So, the 16 GB space of the device will contain only 3700 JPEG images.

In 5MP mode Nokia 808 Pureview camera will use pixel interpolation technique to get crystal clear and detailed images. This is the main feature of this phone’s camera. Pixel interpolation or oversampling is nothing but jamming multiple pixels together to get a bigger pixel. Pureview combines 7 pixels together for producing a pixel for a 5MP image. In this way much noise data is reduced and ‘dark current’ is minimized to produce superb results.

Pixel Oversampling Diagram

Loss-less Digital Zoom

This mobile has reinvented digital zoom. Mobile cameras are dependable on digital zooming because optical zooming is impossible in so thin a device. But digital zoom is useless because it only digitally enlarges the image without supplying additional image details. All this can be done on a computer or your mobile after taking the photo and so digital zooming is not needed. But Nokia Pureview 808 uses its huge sensor to zoom and so digital zooming is without loss of quality here. How does it work?

While capturing on 5mp mode you know 7 pixels are used to produce a single pixel unit in this mobile. When you zoom in a image the mobile just reduces the number of pixel to produce a single pixel unit for the 5 mega pixel image. In this way a bigger picture is generated without the loss of details. In this way 3x lossless digital zoom is done in this phone.

Video and Sound Recording

The phone can also shoot excellent videos too. It is capable of capturing 1080p full HD videos at 30 FPS. The video mode supports up to 4x lossless digital zoom. If you record at 720p HD then the lossless digital zooming is up to 6x and at nHD (640x360) it is 12x, amazing!

Nokia also claims that this phone can record CD quality audio. It can record crystal quality at 160DB, the sound level too high for human ear. Now what is CD quality audio recording? Maximum devices use such microphones to record sound which is of not very top notch quality. Premium cell phones generally records between 200 to 10,000 Hz frequencies. This is not CD quality, but can be dubbed as FM radio quality. But Nokia is claiming CD quality that is a frequency range of 20-20,000Hz, the total band of what human ear can hear. The recordings can be played back at Dolby digital surround sound.

What is inside the Nokia PureView 808?

Besides the Carl Zeiss optics with f/2.4 apperture the Nokia Pureview 808 also has a 4’’ AMOLED touch screen with 640 by 360 resolutions powered by Symbian Belle operating system. Focus range of the camera is 15cm to infinity. There is a mechanical shutter too. There is a single core 1.3 GHz processor and a 16 GB memory chip inside. The system also has a dedicated graphics chip and a special chip for camera module.There is also a memory card slot which supports up to 32 GB. To take images in darkness there is a genuine Xenon flash.

Symbian Belle
Symbian Belle

Why Symbian Belle?

Use of symbian Belle is the Achilles’ hill of this phone. This very old Smartphone OS is not very popular nowadays. In America this OS is almost unknown to the commons. Symbian is used in this phone because the research started 5 years ago when Symbian was Nokia’s principle OS for smartphones. The whole technology is based on the codes written for symbian. That is why pureview 808 is given a symbian belle. The windows phone 7.5, today’s principle os for Nokia is not capable of supporting such innovations because it is locked and limited. But Nokia is working to make this technology Windows phone friendly. Belle as a pure operating system is not too bad. Sure, it is not as fluid or sleek as iOS5 or Android4 still it is not too far behind in usability. But symbian Belle has not so many apps like these two big OS, though you can always get the symbian version of the most popular apps like Google maps, Gmail, Angry Birds or Evernote. This software is also very capable of saving battery life and thus, this phone will run a long time despite of using the Xenon flash several times.

Is it worth Buying?

Now the most important question is Nokia Pureview 808 is worth buying. The unlocked price of the device will be around $600. Will it be that good? The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. If you are not so enthusiastic about mobile phone photography then this is not for you. But if you like to have a very powerful portable camera with smartphone functionality then you can go for it. This is no doubt the best cameraphone ever made.

You may like:

· The huge 41 mega pixel sensor.

· Superb camera functionality and quality

· Inventive technologies like lossless digital zoom.

· CD quality sound recording.

· Good looking.

· Smart phone functions with good battery backup.

· Very good AMOLED display.

· Nokia’s famous build quality.

You may dislike:

· Symbian belle OS which is not as silky and shiny as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.

· Not having millions of apps for this phone. You can only get a few thousands (though you shall never need more than fifty apps for a phone).

· The phone is not very thin especially the camera module.

· You do not like to take many photos with your mobile.

· You are an American to whom Nokia is not a very well known brand.

Better then an SLR?

Is the device better than an SLR? Many will ask this question but the answer is ‘NO’. No point and shoot device can beat an SLR. It is because a SLR uses a complex and bulky lens system of premium quality and a big sensor to capture minute details. It is not possible for a compact camera phone with a smaller sensor and lens. But this phone is better than many point and shoot digicams. Most cheap and midrange digicams will not be able to defeat Nokia Purview 808. But best point and shoots are will give better performance in most of the time.

The Nokia 808 Pureview with its 41 MP huge camerea module is the next big thing in mobile industry. It will no doubt help this company to regain some of its lost empire. This device will also create a healthy competition among the manufacturers like Apple, Samsung or HP to invent same type of cameras to catch up. This nokia best camera phone is available in the market. Go and grab it now.


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