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Mobile Phone Flashlight Nokia XpressMusic 5630

Updated on September 29, 2010

Cell Phone for Music Lovers
Nokia XpressMusic 5630 is my favorite mobile phone. I bring it with me where ever I go. Nokia XpressMusic has been my mobile companion for several months now. As a cell phone device, it can use it to communicate or chat with my friends who live in other islands in Indonesia. This electronic gadget has been produced by Nokia for music lovers. Its music features are easy to use. Everybody who has Nokia XpressMusic 5630 will say the same. Its sound is very clear and its volume can easily be adjusted through two button that are located at the top right of this cell phone. Its sound will fill the whole room if it is embedded with powerful loudspeaker MD-8 that is also manufactured by Nokia. This loudspeaker needs three AAA Alkaline batteries. The buttons are also used for zooming in and out of object or scenery when we want to take pictures.

Photography and Video Recordings

The digital camera or photosmart feature of this camera is also good. The photographs it produces are of high pixel quality. If I want to use the camera, I just unlock the mobile phone and press the shutter button, then I will be in the photosmart mode. This Nokia XpressMusic 5630 can also be used to make video recordings. Similar to operating its photosmart feature, What I only need to do is switching to video mode that is located at the bottom right (if it is on upright position) or at the top right of the LCD screen. I can shoot thousands of pictures or record hours of video recordings using this mobile phone because it is equipped with high capacity memory card.

Reliable Communication Tools
Making a video call is also easy to be done, I only need to open the contact folder of my cell phone and find the number that I want to call. After pressing that number the cell phone will ask me whether I want to make a sound call, video call, or send a text message. Surfing on the internet can also be done through wireless connection. I just need to enter my username and password which the internet service provider has given to me and begin surfing on the internet. With this XpressMusic 5630, I am able to read e-books in pdf format and manage my personal activities.

Unfortunately, it does not have flashlight

However, besides various sophisticated features, it does not equipped with flashlight. Blackouts frequently happen in my town. When it happens I need a flashlight. Previously, I own a small Nokia 1200, a simple cell phone that has the flashlight feature. Although Nokia 1200 does not have all the advanced features of Nokia 5630, its flashlight is my favorite gadget. Well, If you are now thinking of buying a new mobile phone, please, consider Nokia Xpressmusic series as your next gadget. You will not regret when you own a new one.

Nokia XpressMusic

5630 series
5630 series


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