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Nokia lumia 720 vs 820 a quick view on battery and performance

Updated on June 16, 2013

Out in the market is the latest Nokia Lumia 720 and its brother 820. Atthough both sound similar there a wide range of feature and hardware that confuses the buyer to choose from what is right and what is not.


The battery life on the Lumia 720 is a lot better than the 820. 1350 mah vs Raw 2000 mah battery. And the 720 also houses a wireless charging module like the 820 which needs a additional cover to be attached to charge wireless. Here are the scores for Battery life for

Lumia 720

Lumia 820


The lumia 720 is a true winner in the battery race, but it real does not stand up to the performance as compared to the lumia 820 hardware. The lumia 820 houses a 1 GB ram vs the 512 MB ram on the lumia 720. Although there is only a negligible difference while running most applications, it loses heat when it comes to gaming. Yes, the lumia 720 loses when some games require a minimum of 1 GB of ram. So, this is one side of the device.


To sum up the lumia 720 is a good mobile for the regular user, much like all the nokias. But is crave for performance and dont care to plug ur mobile for charging in the night then lumia 820 is worth the go. For me it is the lumia 720 for the the battery.


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    • Manahel profile image

      Manahel 4 years ago from Pakistan

      i have a nokia lumia mobile i think nokia lumia is a very smart mobile phone compare to others.