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Smallest Contents Management System: SNews

Updated on July 13, 2008

I tried keyword "smallest cms" on google, and found SNews CMS. It's wonderful. I very much like the idea of a light weight CMS and would like to use SNews.

The reason that I tried to find a smallest cms is I failed to upload Wordpress to Tripod. Wordpress 2.5 zip file is very small, only 1.3M, as there is no way to upload a zip file and self-extract to tripod, I tried web2ftp service, but failed to do that. Of course I could extract the zip file on my local computer and upload hundreds of files one by one!

After I configured SNews according to the installation instruction, include the database information and .htaccess files, upload all file (five files only ) to the server, funny things happened. I couldn't login. Because login link is wrong.

I wondered that either I did something wrong in configuring SNews, or my host doesn't have .htaccess configured to where I can over-ride it. When I click on the login link on the default SNews index.php, I get a 404 error which is tripod "the page can't be found" error. The other links on the page seem to work properly though.

I tried to install SNews in another free host server, which has full control of everything.

So, if you guys want to use SNews, The first thing to do is verify with your host that your domain account/package meets all of the sNews requirements.

1) - You must have the ability to upload and use your own .htaccess file to your domain without it being over-ridden by another .htaccess file that might be included in your domain root.

2) - Their Apache server must also have its mod_rewrite module enabled so that your .htaccess file will be able to re-write the URLs that sNews generates.

username and password issue

One week later, I came back to my snews site. I forgot my password. I tried several times with all combinations of username and password. Then I went to look for some help from sNews forums.

One of the posts reminded me that the default username was test, and password was test. I have never changed it. What a funny thing.

I tried to change username and password, but failed several times. Then I realized that the username and password are limited to 4-8 alphanumeric characters only. How absurd!


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