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Nursing Software for Smart Phones

Updated on March 14, 2011

Software for Smart Phones

Many people aren't aware that you can really use your smart phone as a PDA. Yes, they're marketed as such, but many people, even cell phone company employees aren't aware of it.

My dad recently went in to Cingular to inquire about the Samsung BlackJack 2. He told the guy he didn't want to put internet on the phone, as that was the only way to get a $100 rebate. The guy, who seemed to be a manager, told my dad there was no reason to get a smart phone without the internet because you take away the majority of the features. Not true. Well, that is true, but my dad quickly responded, "I have software that I used on my last Cingular 2125 for nursing." The guy was baffled. He had no idea what my dad was talking about.

And, many people don't. Below are the better and more popular nursing software packs that you can purchase for your smart phone.

Before purchasing any software for your smart phone, make sure that it has Microsoft Mobile. Although, you don't necessarily need Microsoft Mobile, but you will find more software options with the program. Many smart phones already offer Microsoft Mobile, so check with your cell phone features.

Nursing Software

Skyscape is probably the largest, most popular software for nurses and physicians to have on their smart phone or PDA. When you go to their site they have software available ranging from just about any and all your medical needs. You'll find drug guides, diet and nutrition guides, dictionaries, breaking news, calculators, clinical trials, and other basic resources. But, you can also find pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, hematology, and even dentistry and dermatology software. Skyscape is by far your larges providor of medical software for your smart phone.

You'll find various software for the BlackBerry and Palm. Search by hardware, bundle, or accessories for your phone. You can find the Harrison's Manuel of Medicine, drug guides, medical dictionaries, clinical consultants, and a few other select software programs.

On this website, you can find software for both your PDA and your smart phone. Browse through nutrition guides, prescription drug guides, vegan recipes and guides, health calculator, vaccination calendar, and various other software for nutrition and medical purposes.


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