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Indestructible Homes For Sale Florida

Updated on April 26, 2016
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David Pressler has been building monolithic concrete homes since 1984, Loxahatchee, Florida. Today offering homes in FL low down payment.

30 feet X 70 feet

OFF power GRID homes for sale $10,000 down $800 month 10 years NO homeowners insurance.
OFF power GRID homes for sale $10,000 down $800 month 10 years NO homeowners insurance. | Source

Monolithic Concrete Construction

Monolithic Concrete Construction is the future of homes. No Wood, No bearing walls, No air leaks, No roof to blow off, NO Electric Bill including composting toilets and cisterns.

Once a structure has no air leaks a confined space has been created, meaning the interior atmosphere will remain more or less constant. Typically structures, no matter how well they are insulated, are leaking air, attics being the biggest loss. A monolithic concrete structure, from roof to foundation, eliminates this problem. With no air leaks and the variations in temperature that an AC unit must fight is eliminated. This elimination of air leakage allows smaller heating & cooling systems to be used.

Solar / Wind power & Composting Toilets

Once closed cell foam is applied to the exterior of these homes solar panels along with multiple small wind generators similar to those used on boats will be mounted. Each room will have a bank of batteries with an invertor. Each toilet will be composting by Sun-Mar learn about alternative human waste disposal

New Method of Home Ownership

Recognizing the inability for the middle class to purchase a home, DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie will offer homes on lots in Florida and finance the purchase for buyers. Selling lots in Florida with an indestructible off grid structure. Homes are built in stages i.e. foundation, plumbing, electrical, rebar, concrete spray and foam. Once the shell is complete solar and wind systems are then mounted. Plumbing will include a grey water and cistern. Using a Composting toilet eliminates the drainfield and septic.

Sample Floor Plans

Inglis, Florida Withlacoochee River

30 plus lots in Florida for sale with or without indestructible home.
30 plus lots in Florida for sale with or without indestructible home. | Source

30 feet X 70 feet 3 BD RM 2 Bth Pre Construction Sale

Simplicity of design allows this structure to be economically.

SAVE $50,000 pre construction Withlacoochee River lot $10,000 down $1,200 month for 10 years, Inglis.

The Kitchen has a 4 foot sliding glass door, main entry is a double wide door and the living area has a 12 foot sliding glass door. Above the Main Entry are two horizontal sliding windows. the two rear bedrooms have 12 foot sliding glass doors with horizontal sliders above. All of these openings are designed to give maximum air flow. The openings also allow for easy water flow in case of flooding.

The large east / west facing walls gives maximum solar exposure.

2 Bedrooms

Exterior Closed Cell Foam applied next
Exterior Closed Cell Foam applied next

24 feet X 40 feet modules Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte, Florida lots homes will be offered for $10,000 down $800 per month for 10 years. Once a deposit is received drawings can then begin.

Each 24 X 40 foot module will be indestructible and off the grid capable including composting toilets. The single story module floor plan as it is here has the main entry into an open floor plan. Kitchen to the left approximately 8 feet X 12 Feet area, Sink wall plumbing on one side and bathroom on the other. Bathroom approx 8 feet X 10 feet. Two Bedrooms at one end each room approx 12 feet X 15 feet.

In Florida, simply adding screened deck / porch adds additional living area.

Indestructible Monolithic Concrete Structures

Cheap Homes

Bend rebar and place a form to hold concrete you have a structure. Domes, Squares, Arches, all sort of home designs can be formed using steel. Once framed spray with concrete and within days your concrete shell is complete. No air leaks, No bearing walls, indestructible.

Utilizing the same equipment and material used to construct concrete swimming pools are used to spray the steel framed home. Within a week your home shell is complete and cured within 21 days at a cost of $55 per sq ft or less.

Two Story

Single or Two Story

Both the Single and two story models can incorporate a roof deck. Single story includes loft above the two bedrooms open living / kitchen area of approximately 20 X 20.

Shell built in two weeks


Gunite is a drier application less stone than shotcrete


Humidity is now the problem in a confined space with no air movement. This can be a problem or an asset, easily corrected by ventilation. In arid parts of the world this moisture can be turned into drinking water.

Solar / Wind & Compost toilet systems

Once completed solar / wind systems will be installed to the needs of the buyer with ability to easily mount more panels if required.

Compost toilets will be standard. With alternative energy should alternative waste disposal. Composting toilets are now 21st technology.

Not all Wind systems have blades

Sprayed on concrete over steel rebar

Concrete Shell built in a week

Second Story Master Bedroom

Eliminating the single story loft allows for a second story Master Bedroom approximately 20 X 20 with compost toilet / shower. With Access to second story wrap around deck.

Second Story Master Bedroom

Second Story Deck

Once the shell is built the ability to add additional structures to it is only limited by your imagination. This home would have had a deck completely surrounding the second story with a private entry from the master bedroom. The land fill from the dug pond for insulation would create a body of water for water slides and zip lines from the second story.

Arch three times stronger than a square

Landfill for insulation Loxahatchee Florida

Concrete Spray Application Fast Cheap

Florida Home Sales while they last

Want to live in serenity knowing your home is secure from whatever? Want to be not dependent on the grid being up? My goal is to provide a home that is as close as possible to be self sustaining without sacrificing comfort. I think the technology today homes can be built that can do this and I am going to try. Join me


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