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Occurrence Reporting Procedures followed by Airlines. Interesting topic for aviation lovers.

Updated on February 22, 2014

Terms used for Occurrence Reporting

Reportable Occurrences is defined as any occurrence that are incident, malfunctioning or defect in an aircraft or its equipment, or in ground facilities intended for use in connection with the operation of an aircraft, which endangers the flight safety.

Defects means a condition existing in an aircraft (including its systems) or aircraft component arising from any cause other than damage, which would preclude it or another aircraft component from performing their intended functions or would reduce the expected service life of the aircraft or aircraft component.

Types of Occurrence

Occurrences are any defects ,incident,accident or damage to aircraft in air or on ground.Occurrences are like

(1) Any defect occurred during flight

(2) Any defect noticed on ground by mechanics or engineers.

(3) Lightening Strike

(4) Bird Hit

(5) Incidents / Accidents on Runways

(6) Emergency Landing

(7) Crash Landing

(8) Hard Landing

(9) Flying around volcanic ash

Responsibility of Occurrence Reporting

It is responsibility of Airline operator to furnish immediate information of any occurrence to Regulatory Authority. The Quality Department along with Operation Department will raise a report to regulatory authority which content following minimum actions:

(1) Airlines's Name

(2) Type of Aircraft

(3) Flying Date / Occurrence Date

(4) Type/ Nature of Occurrences / Defects/ Incidents/ Accidents

(5) Apparent cause of Occurrences / Defects/ Incidents/ Accidents

(6) Action Taken or Planned

(7) Investigation Procedures

The above information should be furnished as soon as possible to authorities and manufacturer of aircraft to initiate their further required actions.

Procedures of Reporting

(1) Reporting of occurrence should be done immediately by engineering and operation section of airlines.

(2) Airlines has their own specified procedures for occurrence reporting specifically approved by regulatory authorities.

(3) Airlines's engineering department may initiate investigation as per investigation policy of organisation.

(4) A internal free and frank reporting is very important to know the actual cause of occurrence or defect.

(5) If aircraft is damaged seriously , it may be cleared unserviceable as early as possible by Quality Department of Airline.

(6) The airworthiness certificate of aircraft may be suspended or seems to be suspended after serious damage of aircraft.

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