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One Cloud To Rule Them All

Updated on March 14, 2015

At first, it seemed to be a merry ride

Cloud Computing has transformed the way how businesses operate. With the host of new product lines at offer, the list is virtually endless. Ranging from an insignificant thing like hosting an email server to hosting an entire big-data warehouse or running a machine learning studio, it all can be done in the cloud.

Organizations of every scale have been able to reap the fruits through the flexibility and ease of deployment that the cloud platforms offer. Some of the early adopters have been used as the guinea pigs of this transformation. The industry has matured to a level that the services are ready for the masses.

What could be the future?

While all this seems to be a dream come true for an IT Manager, there exist a caveat that not many adopters have given a thought about. It is the one true fact that all your data and your digital assets are in the custody of your service provider.

No matter how good the service is and no matter how stringent their security policies are, the fear of prying eyes of the governments still remains.

Yes, you guessed it right. I am referring to NSA and the likes of it all around the world. This reminds me of the plot of the American sci-fi technology action thriller movie "Eagle Eye". Those of you who have watched this movie will understand what I am trying to impress.

The Valid Paranoia

It may appear to many, that this is being paranoid; but some incidents in the recent past gives us all the reasons to be paranoid. Once there is a mass adoption of moving everything to the cloud, there would be no options left for the non-adopters except going out of business. It gets even crazier if governments create legislation making non-adopting of cloud a crime.

Research is underway to create super intelligent systems that can belittle human brain to the size of a beetle. Such systems can encompass all the clouds into one super cloud that rules them all.

And that day would be the end of freedom and freewill.

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