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One Cool Mouse Review: Mad Catz Cyborg R.a.t. Three Gaming Mouse for PC and MAC

Updated on July 18, 2012

Like the name, the mouse I m going to talk about is heavy too in its appearance. This gaming mouse hardly looks like a mouse, it looks more like a toy spaceship. It looks very different from a regular mouse and why not, it performs different function as well. The people who love spending their time sitting in front of their PCs and playing games, this cyborg gaming mouse is actually for them. No matter what the game is cyborg gaming mouse will always keep you ahead of others and at bay from your enemies.

Gaming grade laser sensor is what will provide you pin point accuracy. The 3200 DPI gaming laser will not give you any opportunity of missing your target and surely will supply you will precision with which you can will any battle. The rocker switch will let you snap between your custom DPI Settings which means you are the real controller of all the settings and can bend the settings according to your own convenience. The DPI range varies from 400 to 3200dpi.

Usually there are 2 buttons on the mouse but not in RAT gaming mouse. You won’t get usual in this gaming mouse. Apart from the 2 regular left and right buttons, you can combine 3 programmable buttons to make a pack of 5 effective push buttons. This will you look a fierce competition and surely anyone would think twice before having a game with you. You can also create your own customized profiles by assigning key gaming actions to the programmable buttons.

The three R.A.T modes gives you number of options. Either changes the sensitivity or programmable button actions. All of this is just a click away. 3 cyborg modes in this gaming mouse gives you access to 15 mind blowing commands.

The extra plus points are that cyborg gaming mouse acceleration goes up to 10G and polling rate up to 500Hz. The tracking speed is also dynamic up to 1.2m/sec. You will get a braided USB cable with it also. In all cyborg gaming mouse has everything required in a gaming mouse and it works very smoothly without bothering you much about the movement.


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