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Oneplus One; why it's still relevant

Updated on August 31, 2015

Invites all over again

Oneplus One (OpO) was released in the beginning of 2014 and its specifications in addition to its low pricepoint blew the minds of the tech savvy community. Sadly it was a new company and you had to get an invite before you even could buy the phone. Same thing goes with this years model, which is a shame for both Oneplus and their buyers because the invites puts many people of. Getting an invite last year was a pain and I suppose that it will be the same this year, but maybe not for as long of a time. Last fall I remember sitting hours on the oneplus forum trying to get my hands on an invite. I finally got one, but wasn't able to buy the phone within 24 hours, which was the time an invite lasted. But the invites for the One are now gone and everyone can buy it at anytime. And that is one of the reasons the One is still relevant.

More upgrades needed

If you compare the specifications between the One and the Two you'll find that not too much have changed. This said, the Two have a better graphics card and processor and its camera software should be better than the Ones'. Other than that it's mostly the design and look of the phone that have changed. Beauty is subjective, and i think they both are beautiful in their ways, but the way the Two is built it's really easy to change the backcover and make the phone look like you want, while the One has this possibility it has showed to be easier to just get a skin from Dbrand or other companies, which also is a good alternative. Back to the point, the Two has too few upgrades in my eyes to make it worth a switch from the one or even the wait for getting an invite in this point of time.

All about em' screens

Guess what, the screen on the One is as good as the screen on the Two. The Twos' screen didn't upgrade and is rocking an 1080p panel. This is in my opinion a good move by Oneplus, because it prolongs the battery life in the two while having a great screen, and it also makes the choice easier for new buyers. Why buy a more expensive phone and wait when you can buy one now for less money and still get the same screen?

The good old Styleswap

Oneplus One has a removable back cover which they decided to call swapcovers. The One has currently three options, Sandstone black, Silk white and Bamboo. these are all really nice looking and the first two have a great feel to them, I can't comment on the Bamboo since I haven't had it. Swapping them is a real struggle though, and if you manage to get one off the phone you have to be really lucky not to have hurt the phone or the cover. The styleswaps is an aspect I think they succeeded on in the Two because there are plenty of options and swapping them seems to be easy. I also think the Sandstone black has the best feel to it of any phone out there that I've tried, and could be a reason to want to get either the One or Two since they both have that backcover.

The Sandstone black on the Oneplus One
The Sandstone black on the Oneplus One

The Verdict and gratitude

This article may seem to defend the Oneplus One, but that isn't the purpose. I want to give people who don't know what phone to get and maybe have heard about "that Chinese One-something company" before an insight in who they are and what phone they could buy. Both phones are great but in this pint of time I think the one is the better choice for most people. Thank you for reading my first Hubpages article and please comment and critique my writing skills and all other aspects of this article.

Regards Marw.


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