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Online Dating: Does Free Online Dating Really Work?

Updated on June 2, 2010

Does Free Online Dating Really Work?

Surprisingly, many Internet surfers find themselves in need of online dating services, They search Google, Yahoo, Live, and Alta Vista for web sites that might provide dating information. Not all of us need help with dating, but the Internet is peppered with services promising to solve dating problems, Should you find yourself in need of a date, fear not. Don't think you're alone. Even a PhD needs a little help now and then.

Organic Carbon Dating

A common dating method is commonly referred to as carbon dating. This technology employs a radiometric detection scheme to measure the presence of a carbon isotope and from that information calculate an approximate date. Carbon-14 (C14) is an isotope of 'regular' carbon (C12). A living plant absorbs Carbon Dioxide, which includes both C12 and C14. Carbon-14 is relatively unstable; it decays at a measurable rate. On the other hand, Carbon-12 does not decay. Scientists and dating experts measure the amount of C14 remaining in (dead) organic material to calculate when the material was alive.The underlying assumption is the initial amount of C14 present in the plant before it died. Without that assumption, this dating style is suspect.

This strategy is considered an effective dating technique by many scientists, teenagers, and teenage scientists.

Stratigraphic dating

Some folks apply Stratigraphic Dating techniques to find accurate and satisfying dates. This technique takes into account the relative position of items in the surrounding geological strata, or layers. Dating fossils and archeological residue is often done this way. The underlying assumption behind Stratigraphic Dating assumes that objects do not migrate between strata and also that the strata have already been accurately dated through some other (possibly online) technique. For example, a dinosaur bone cannot be dated using Carbon Dating because it no longer contains any organic material (Carbon Dating is only accurate back to about 50,000-60,000 years and can only be performed on organic material). Since the bone is actually composed of mineral (because it's been fossilized) there is no C14 to measure. Dating experts look to the dates of the surrounding strata (layers) in which the fossil was originally unearthed.

Archeologists often find dates this way.

Ice Core Dating

Another effective dating technique is careful analysis of ice cores. Dating aficionados drill into very old glaciers or ice floes to extract long narrow samples. The samples are analyzed and dates are derived. Contrary to common opinion, dates can be found using this technique. The ice can be analyzed based on several different criterion:

  • color,
  • consistency,
  • impurities,
  • layer thickness, and
  • density.

Dating scientists carefully study the layers to ascertain accurate dates. Some dating aficionados have built entire careers collecting and cataloging ice cores. Grants and internships are available to study ice core dating.


Dating can be done in many different ways. Some styles and strategies work for some people, but not all. There's no magic dating bullet. Be patient, so your research, and eventually you'll find the dates of which you've been dreaming.


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      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA : It's the underlying goal of every hubber to get indexed, but by "jokle"?

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      After using the Jokle search engine, looking for a Turkish Date to eat I ended up here and now I'm applying for a grant to study ice core dating! Thanks Nicomp!