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Online Free Linux Tutorials: How Helpful Can They Be

Updated on May 21, 2015

With a rising demand and serious shortage of Linux trained professionals in the job market, a basic Linux training will immensely help boost your career in ten folds. There are several online Linux tutorials that you can consult for your training, which is pretty easy and convenient as it requires no serious effort.

Here are some of the best online free tutorial sites that you can learn from.

The Red Hat Certification Course at Red Hat: The most effective course for Linux administrative training is provided by the Red Hat whose online Linux admin training includes Red Hat system administration and Red Hat Linux troubleshooting. The course fee starts from $1,400.

UNIX and Linux Tutorial Centre at the University of California at Davis: With a large variety of UNIX and Linux information, this extremely popular site is most appropriate for beginners and the intermediate students. They too contain video instructions and sample projects in PDF format which includes the basic definition and application of shells along with instructions how to create, view and modify files and directories. In short they contain everything to cover beginners to intermediate Linux Courses.

IBM: With numerous articles, tutorials, and tips, IBM provides its developers and system administers with the best technical resources. This online free Linux tutorial site also supports forums for you to better understand and develop.

Ubuntu Wiki and Documentation: The official documentation of Ubuntu (one of the leading desktop distros of Linux) is both developed and maintained by Ubuntu Documentation Project. This site contains detailed information of not only Ubuntu but other desktop distros as well. It is extremely effective for both beginners and advanced developers. Like IBM, they too support public forums.

Arch Wiki and Forums: As a wiki based site, arch wiki is independently developed and very effective as a Linux tutorial which allows all its users to contribute to the site by editing and adding relevant content. With over 40,000 users the arch wiki offers the most worthwhile forums that you can avail. Moreover, their content is general as it can be applied to any Linux distro that you choose to work with.

Most of the online Linux tutorials are absolutely free and very effective while a few may charge a very minimal subscription fee. The Linux training will always be useful since Linux as an operating system and with all its beneficial features is here to stay.


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