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Open End Yarn Spinning.What is Open End, Air Jet,Spiro & Compact Yarns.See Video's.

Updated on February 8, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Picture of the Machine.(Photo:-Courtesy:- Rieter.)

This is Open End Spinning there is no Comber and Fly Frames,may be Drawing or can be avoided.
This is Open End Spinning there is no Comber and Fly Frames,may be Drawing or can be avoided.

Open End Preparatory Machines.

Talk on Spinning - Listen & Watch.

Watch & Listen on Open End.

Questions on Yarns.

A Hi-Tech Spinning.[ Air Jet,Spiro & Compact Yarn]

You might have read all about yarn spinning from blow room to spinning.You would have noticed that at any point in any department no end is open.Meaning it is not broken.Spinning a yarn is impossible if it is broken.In the case of this Hi-Tech machine the yarn is continuously broken while spinning.

The machine shown above has a row of cans which can be from Carding or Drawing.Some textile mills rape the machine with card cans few treat the machine with combed cans which undergoes a single passage of Drawing.If card cans are used the machine gets dirty with fine dust and trash which escape at carding.In case combed cotton sliver after a single passage of drawing the fine dust and trash gets removed almost completely and the machine with it's parts remains clean for a longer period.The cleanliness of the machine depends on the air surrounding the machine.Good air circulation by air conditioning and maintaining the required temperature and humidity will help the machine perform at maximum speed and optimum production.

The machine is indeed a hi tech machine but has limitations on yarn counts that can be spun on the machine.Many mills use the machine up to 14's count,that is 6's,10's,12's and 14's.

6's count is manufactured from comber waste or noils as they are called.

10's,12's and 14's are manufactured from very course cotton which is labeled as the dirtiest cotton,however care is taken to clean the cotton at blow room and carding.

18's,20's are also manufactured from slightly better cotton and here also maximum care is taken to clean the cotton at blow room and carding.

Few mills spin yarn counts such as 30's using good cotton and few mills comb the cotton and spin the same count.

The machine has no spindles like a Ring Frame as in conventional spinning.It is equipped with what are called as Rotors,the speed of these Rotors depend on the count of yarn spun.As the spinning count increases the Rotor speed as also the Rotors it self has to be changed.The speed is reduced and the Rotor changed.This results in lesser production.The value of the yarn increases as the count increases though.

Why is the speed increased or decreased as the count is increased or decreased,and why are the Rotors changed.

The Rotor which is indeed is round and rotating has a hallow chamber.As the sliver enters the Rotor it gets broken by air and goes out at the other end so fast after joining with the previous broken end which is the required count or the thread fineness.Here in this chamber the amount of or the number of fibers depends on the yarn count.More fibers as the count decreases and less as the count increases but the fineness of fibers increases as the count increases.To avoid confusion here is a example:-

6's Count means 6x840=5040 yards weighing 1 Lb.Length is decreased but weight is 1 Lb

30's Count means 30x840=25,200 yards weighing 1 Lb.Length is increased but weight is same that is 1 Lb.

The quantity of fiber is same in both the cases but the entry of fibers is more in 6's Count as such the out put is more and the speed has to be more so also the Rotor diameter has to be increased to take more fibers.The sliver as it enters the Rotor is broken and the fibers are all separated and it has to be joined constantly,the number of fibers being more it has to be joined faster so the speed is increases and the rate of production also goes up.

The reverse is the case in case of finer count like 30's.

If you still do not understand you please visit a Textile Mill where there are Open End Spinning Machines,you will not waste your time and you will like what you see.Trust me.

The Video's will tell you more,watch again.

More on Other aspects of all Yarns.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 5 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      You must have completed your course what are you doing now and how are you getting along in Textile Industry.


    • profile image

      shamim boktear,,,,,, 6 years ago

      now i am a textile group.....7semester,,,,,now i am reding yarn,,,, ur all video r so amazing......shamim no,,,+8801721143652


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