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Organic SEO Services and SEO Tools the keys to more Website Traffic

Updated on August 10, 2010

Organic SEO Services and SEO Tools

Over the Past six months I have been working hard on various sites learning SEO by optimizing them for local search. All be it my biggest site is a global world cup site the small ones provide the best opportunity to learn. The site is my very own website the McConnell Group which I am targeting my local area for SEO services, Organic SEO services and Search Engine Optimization SEO services.

Optimizing for local search is an excellent way to learn SEO due to the fact that there is not as much competition and it is simpler to maintain a focused perspective. There is a lot to consider and this has made it a continuous process. The following is a checklist of many of the tasks that I use to provide some outstanding results.If you are reading this as a perspective client or beginner SEO I hope this helps educate you to understand what I can offer you.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Services

McConnell Group Indexed Pages
McConnell Group Indexed Pages
McConnell Group Rankings
McConnell Group Rankings

The Checklist for Local Business SEO

SEO Software and Research

As in any business doing your market research is vital if you want to have any success! Quite often this is either overlooked or not given the needed time it deserves. Everyone wants to open their present but if you don’t put the time and effort to figure out what they want then you’ll have disappointing results.

The Checklist.

Always Right down your Goals – What is your motivation for doing this? Why do you want readers and shoppers to find your/client's site? Is your goal specific enough? My goal was “I want local entrepreneurs to come and read how I can get them more traffic and more business through my SEO services.”

Write down search terms you want to rank for – Writing the words people may type into the search engines to look for your client's company. For my website I came up with “Mississauga Web design,” “Mississauga SEO,” “Toronto Website design,” (a neighboring suburb) “Mississaugareal estate SEO,” and “McConnell Group.” Your list should will longer.

Research your selected keywords – If you haven’t already Sign up for Google Adwords and learn how to utilize their external “keyword tool” and “ad text ideas” generators.

From your research select the best keywords for your website – My website; I used “Mississauga Web design,” “Mississauga SEO services,” “Toronto Website design,” and about six others.

Analyze the SERP’s for your selected keywords
– What websites are ranking in the top ten? What are they doing efficiently and inefficiently? Investigate and get to know your competition.

Make a list of your direct competition –By using the information above you will be able to create a list f your direct competitors. This list will provide you with valuable information on what you need to accomplish in order to out rank them.

Use YSE (yahoo’s link tool) to find the sources of your competitor's links – Finding out how many and where your competitor’s links come from will allow you to benchmark your needed effort.

Search for your website
–Using the site command in Google will allow you to see how many if any at all of your webpage’s are indexed “”This is where you will be able to find out any indexation problems which may relate to the lack on onsite search engine optimization.

Onsite Search Engine Optimization

Sign up with (GA) Google Analytics,(GWT) Google Webmaster Tools,BingWebmasterCenter and Yahoo webmaster – You will need these to track your progress properly.

Let GA run for two weeks before doing any
SEO services– This will allow you to have a start point to reference. By screen capturing the relevant pages you can illustrate to your client how your search engine optimization has positively affected their website.

Visually analyze your website - If the website is designed poorly, no amount of SEO efforts will help out. If the website unfortunately (no one likes to have an ugly baby) looks terrible, find well designed sites from your competition list you made earlier.Also read about the aesthetics of web design

Check browser compatibility – Since there are many browsers and two types of programs MAC and PC sites will render differently on most of them.

Be professional and have a website related email - Using this address for all e-mails pertaining website will allow better tracking. This is particularly important for link building.

Optimize all the related HTML tags

  • Keyword in title tag
  • Keywords in H1 on each page
  • Keywords in text
  • Optimize URL structure ( instead of architecture - as few clicks as possible
  • On relevant images include keywords in alt tags and in filename

Decide if you need a meta description - search engines are great at scanning the text of sites and displaying applicable blurbs based on user queries. I suggest creating your own meta description for at least your homepage.

Add the company address and phone number - This data is fundamental to local search. I recommend adding the data to the footer of all of your client's webpages

Add a robots.txt – this allows you to indicate exactly what pages search engines are allowed crawl. By including a robots.txt you make tracking search engines easier because they always download the file before navigating your client's site.

Best SEO

To read more about offsite optimization,tracking and improving please go to the original article Mississauga Organic SEO Services

If you are a knowledgeable SEO, please share your opinions and expertise in the comments. If you would like my help, feel free to e-mail me. All of my contact information is available on my profile page


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    • ZarkoZivkovic profile image


      8 years ago from Serbia

      A really nice and detailed explanation on how to start with SEO and what to focus on. great Hub, voted and and useful :)

    • agvulpes profile image


      8 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for these tips, I'm bookmarking for future reference!


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