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Organizing Cloud Storage on your Mobile Phones

Updated on August 15, 2012

More Clouds More Problems

Creating multiple cloud storage accounts is a tempting way to increase your smartphone's storage capacity. Each account you create can give you about 5 to 7 GB of free space. Who wouldn't want more free space given how expensive mobile phone storage can be. However, this free storage space becomes more difficult to organize as the number of accounts you sign up for increases. Not only do you have to manage an increasing number of drives, but you also have to download and learn how to use a new app for each new account. Fortunately, there is an app to solve this problem.

The One App to Rule them All

The best app for organizing and managing your cloud storage is SanDisk Memory Zone. Memory Zone will allow you to manage some of the most popular cloud storage services all under one unified app. This saves you from having to download multiple apps and from having to switch between different apps every time you need to access a different storage drive.This makes it easier to learn how to use your cloud drives since all of your cloud drives can now be managed under one integrated file manager. The file manager will sort files for you based on type--making it easier for you to find music, video, and photos. It also keeps you organized.

As an added benefit, the app also allows you to sign up for new accounts from many of the major cloud storage services all from within the app. This saves you a trip to your browser and streamlines your multi-cloud drive application process. As impressive as these major features sound, the app is even more impressive when you see it in action. Check out this video made by SanDisk:

SanDisk Memory Zone App for Android

SanDisk Memory Zone

Scan QR for App
Scan QR for App | Source

How to Get Started

The following steps will help you install SanDisk Memory Zone and setup your cloud drives.

  1. Start off by first downloading the app to your device and then allowing it to install. You can download the app by using a QR scanner to scan the QR code to your right or you can use the link to get the app at the Amazon App Store.
  2. Next press the + Online Storage button. This will allow you to select from all of the supported cloud drive servers. Currently, Picasa, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Docs (Google Drive), SugarSync, Box, and Sky Drive by Microsoft are all supported. Some notable services that are not supported include Amazon Cloud Drive and Flickr.
  3. After you add each cloud drive you will be prompted to log in or create an account. At this point follow the onscreen instructions to set up your current accounts and apply for new accounts.
  4. Some of these services will ask you to log into your email and verify your accounts. This ensures that people aren't just using bots to sign up for a bunch of fake accounts. After you have verified all of the accounts an optional step would be to go through and uninstall any apps that might be made redundant now that you have Memory Zone. For example you can uninstall your Dropbox app or SugarSync app.

After adding all of the different cloud drives you should have an extra 27 GB of free cloud space. This does not include the space given to you by Picasa or Facebook. Once you have completed these basic steps you are now ready to take full advantage of what cloud storage has to offer.

All Current Supported Cloud Drive Services

SanDisk Memory Zone also allows you to manage your physical storage such as internal memory and micro sd card.
SanDisk Memory Zone also allows you to manage your physical storage such as internal memory and micro sd card. | Source
SanDisk Memory Zone supports Picasa, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Docs (Google Drive), SugarSync, Box, and Sky Drive by Microsoft.
SanDisk Memory Zone supports Picasa, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Docs (Google Drive), SugarSync, Box, and Sky Drive by Microsoft. | Source

Cloud Pro Tips

Many of the cloud storage providers like DropBox will give you extra space for participating in special events such as testing beta software, competing puzzles, or scavenger hunts. They also give you extra space for referring your friends, completing tutorials, and installing the DropBox desktop application.

After getting all of this extra space one of the first things that you should do is to back up your micro sd card. The most efficient place to store photos would be on your Facebook account and Picasa account as those two services are less versatile and will only store photos and videos for you.

If you have Amazon Cloud Drive use that one to store your Music as Amazon Cloud Mp3 has a built-in music player.

A good place to store all of your Microsoft Office files such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs, and other business documents is Google Docs (Google Drive). Storing Microsoft Office files there will allow you to use Google Docs online to edit and view those file types. Everything else can be stored how you see fit.

The Power of the Clouds

The most powerful feature of cloud storage is accessibility. After storing all of your files in the clouds you should now be able to access all of your files from any device that has access to the internet. This means you can take a picture with your phone and then view later on a tablet. You could buy a song from your computer and listen to it at work on your phone. You could record a video on your phone and then view it later on your TV. If you buy a new phone all of the files from your old phone can easily be synced to your new phone with the push of a few buttons. This is the beauty of cloud storage--you get to access all of your files from anywhere.

To Cloud or Not to Cloud

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    • Gamerelated profile image

      Gamerelated 5 years ago from California

      Thanks Cameron Conner, I really appreciate you sharing my Hub. Cloud is one of those buzzwords that have been used pretty often recently. However, not very many people actually understand how it works, so I thought I would try to explain it as best as possible. I also thought I would try to help people utilize it to save space on their mobile phones.

      Space on mobile phones come at a premium. The difference in the 16GB iPhone and a 64GB iPhone can be a couple hundred dollars--cloud storage saves space thereby saving money. Android phones can also use cloud storage however Android phones also have micro SD card slots as an alternative form of storage.

    • Cameron Conner profile image

      Cameron Conner 5 years ago from Cornelius, North Carolina

      I really liked this Gamerelated. I will share it with my network. I'm not very versed in cloud so my readers should find this interesting.

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      Thank you, newusedcarssacram. I am glad that you found my Hub useful. I look forward to reading some of your Hubs.

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      Hi Gamerelated...

      I am appreciating your hub because of its nice and wonderful content. The tips that you have mentioned here about cloud technology is useful. Thanks for this.

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      I wrote this article as a detailed companion article to the one that was nominated for the HubNuggets award. The other Hub was a general overview of cloud storage. This article was designed to give readers knowledge that they could put into direct action.

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      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      This awesome cloud starage hub of yours was beautifully written with great detail, and is truly useful. The only cloud back up storage system I have yet to learn of here was the Amazon Cloud Drive.

      Thanks for doing such a fantastic job at explaining all this great info for us, I have learned something new that I haven't learned of, and mainly because of hubbing so intensely lately, you ate a cool smooth writer.

      As you can see by my screen name, I also enjoy writing about the Cloud, but I try to branch out into many other different varying subjects as well as you have learn by reading a few of my hubs as well. Cool stuff, and I'll give your hub that was nominated for a hubnugget a good read soon as well.

      Voted up and out!

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      voted you, All the best

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      Girish puri 5 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      very useful hub, for user like me who does not understand much about apps, voted useful.