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Original content issues

Updated on July 10, 2010

Just how original must original content be?

In early 2008, there were more than 150 million websites on the Internet, and in late 2008, that had grown to over 180 million, so I guess now in 2010 it must be over 200 million.

Very many sites have similar content.

Even if one does absolutely no research before writing an article, writing only because one knows about the topic anyway, one risks the chance of the article being really similar to another article already online. The 200 million figure I mention above refers to sites, not pages. Then there are quite large sub domains on many sites, which aren't even counted as websites. There is TONS of content on the Internet.

I never spin my articles (or somebody else's article and use it as my own), as like to provide a reader with totally original content (original unless it happens to closely match a page on all those millions of sites by accident), and have you seen all those mistakes that appear in these spun articles? It's awful, and makes for a lot of poor content all over the Internet. Those article spinners don't even bother to manually check that the grammar is still good after the synonyms appear in each spun article.

What I find particularly sad, and depressing, is that many of these poor content and bad grammar articles actually get found quite easily. I guess this could be because people can spend less time creating spun articles than writing original articles, and then add these articles to their sites, making their site have more pages more quickly. It may also be used as a method to try earn a little more from related advertising on the site: A person may find the article quickly, but then sees how difficult it is to read, and when not getting the information they were looking for in the first place, why not just rather quickly click a more helpful ad on the same page? I believe that if a person lands on a page that has all the information they are looking for, there is no need to click a related content ad that may lead to a page offering further information.

I'm hoping that Google will come up with some system to help eliminate spun articles, to make it fair for everyone trying to earn some income online. To me, spun articles are more "duplicate content" than original articles, written from scratch, that may just happen to be similar to another article quite by accident, than actually taking an already existing article, and just changing a lot of the words to be synonyms of the original words.

It's hard work promoting original content, that lets viewers find information they are looking for right away. Spinning articles is easy, and mostly provides poor content. Perhaps I sound like a kid, but hey, it's not fair!

I also think that many revenue sharing sites may need more staff to manually go through articles to see if they are spun or not (unless of course they don't mind if it means getting more traffic to their pages) (but that's not nice), as automated systems of checking articles for too many links etc may not work with spun articles if these spun articles are otherwise adhering to all the rules.

I've seen so many people in help forums trying to figure out what they did wrong for a good original article not to be published, or why they have been banned from using the site, when there are also many poorly written articles published on the same site, whose writers just get away with it (and get their ads clicked more often.)

Maybe it will take a really long time to be rewarded for trying to provide good original content for Internet readers, and maybe that reward time will actually never arrive, but trying to provide good original content is what I'm sticking with.


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    • Teresa Schultz profile imageAUTHOR

      Teresa Schultz 

      8 years ago from East London, in South Africa

      @ Zarko - interesting thought, Zarko, thanks - (will Google really do anything about rubbish content if those pages are getting lots of ad clicks?) I'd like to think that they would, though, not to only make the whole Internet experience better for people looking for good content, but for the people providing that good content too.

      @ Nick I agree about that job being big - but I have read somewhere, I think, that the first online article (that all the others are similar to) is the one that is recognized as the original - so, I guess it goes by dates first appearing online - or something! Well done at providing only original articles. Keep it up.

    • Nick B profile image

      Nick B 

      8 years ago from Normandy, France

      I too make my articles original. Alright, they may be on subjects that are already fairly plentiful on the web, but I do write mine myself.

      I thought about the Google thing with dropping spun articles, but wonder how that would be achieved. Who could possibly lay claim to the original?

      I think if people are plagiarising the works of others, it's going to be one hell of a job to sort out the originals from the fakes.

      Good hub!

    • ZarkoZivkovic profile image


      8 years ago from Serbia

      I agree, spinning is a disaster, but I have seen my share of professional spinners and I can tell you, there are thousands of spun articles on Ezine, everyone can be fooled. But less than 1% of spinners know how to actually do it, so that makes other 99% pure BS.

      Another reason why I avoid spinning is because it might get you banned from the search engines, but I guess you are right. There are people that live from adsense, and they don't care how good the content is, they just want to get as many clicks as possible, but Google adapts quickly....I guess they will find a way to stop that, that is if they have something to benefit from stopping them. I think if they wanted to, they could have done it two years ago!!!

    • Teresa Schultz profile imageAUTHOR

      Teresa Schultz 

      8 years ago from East London, in South Africa

      Hi Angelique - many of my photos have been stolen without my permission too. It's not nice. Some sites have a right click disable function in the coding, which might help a bit, but if a person really wants a photo, there are several other ways they may be able to take it, like "file, save as" and save the web page, then copy it from within their dowload files, or they could take a screenshot and then crop the photo out using Photoshop. Putting anything onto the Internet can always be a risk that you have to decide if you want to take or not. Another method to try and protect your images, or at least try to get credit for them, is to embed a watermark copyright into them - although many people do not do this as they think it spoils the look of the image - you can also add text directly to your images, like in one corner, but people may crop it out if stealing your photo. I hope you find a solution!

    • Angelique Loux profile image

      Angelique Loux 

      8 years ago from Ohio

      I also rate this hub up. It isn't fair to copy other peoples content. I have a hub about American Pottery Disney Figurines because I sell on Ebay to and my picture of Snow White was on somebody stold it. I know people are allways using my pics. What should I do?

    • Teresa Schultz profile imageAUTHOR

      Teresa Schultz 

      8 years ago from East London, in South Africa

      Thanks for the lovely comment saddlerider1 :) I added just 3 or 4 articles to Ezine Articles, and then stopped using them. I may have another look at Ezine. I think I did see one or two articles there that I suspected were spun... if I see any again, I might let you know which ones, so you can decide if I'm right or not. It was some time back though.

    • saddlerider1 profile image


      8 years ago

      I have seen offers on the net for Spun articles and the grammar is pathetic. Ezine articles will not accept nothing less than original content, so those who try to slip a spun article by them get the boot. I to hope Google will capture them. If you can't be original in your content then I say you are being less than true to your writing abilities. Thanks for the share well done, I rate this UP


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