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Other Names for Google ChromeOS

Updated on October 24, 2009


Hey, It's all in Good Fun!

  I've been a Gnu-Linux user for 5 years now. (Virus free since 2005 when I quit that stupid dual-boot crap.) Every new *nix flavor that comes out I try to VirtualBox it, or at least raise an eyebrow. So when all the hype (and leaked information) about Google ChromeOS kept coming, I had to poke some fun. I decided to change the name of the darn thing first of all. Here is an ordered list of names. Would you all vote on it for me? I'm talking the funniest (or the one that will stick.) I had a friend that would tag people with nick-names. If he got you, that WAS your name! So what do you say? Let's affectionately give ChromeOS it's unofficial name!

  1. GnomeOS -It rhymes, and the system will use parts of Gnome no doubt being a Linux system.
  2. CloudOS -Because they have their head in "the cloud."
  3. Oh No! Not ANOTHER LinuxDistroOS! -for obvious reasons.
  4. A Full Year of Pent Up HypeOS -Well, where is it already?   
  5. We Own Your MachineOS -I'm old fashioned, -I like my OS on my machine.
  6. We'll Get away with what Microsoft Couldn'tOS -OK I'll stop already.

Name That OS

What's your favorite name for Google's new operating system?

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