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Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case for Extreme iPad Protection

Updated on March 13, 2011

Update: Otterbox now offers a more colorful Defender Case. Your options include white and black, white and blue, white and pink, and black and pink as well as the original all black.

The iPad is such an amazing device that people of all ages love to use it. That can be a problem though. How difficult is it to hand over a $500 to $900 dollar gadget to a toddler, teenager or an eager friend. They all want to hold it, touch it and find out all about what it can do. All you want is for them to be careful, not drop it and to give it back to you in perfect condition.

You will find iPad cases of every color and each one with a different configuration. Some resemble a portfolio case and simply holds the iPad inside. Others have covers that flip to the back and act as iPad stands. There are those that only cover the back side of the iPad and those also have matching front covers that snap into place to protect the touchscreen.

If you are looking for extreme protection however, the Otterbox iPad Defender Series would be one to check out. There is nothing about this case that says “look at me because I am cute” even though they are now available in white and black, white and blue, white and pink, black and pink and of course the original all black. The iPad Otterbox Defender Case offers three layers of protection. The first layer is a self adhering protective film. The second layer is an impact resistant polycarbonate shell. The third layer is a strong silicone skin. All functions of the iPad are available while protected by the Otterbox iPad Defender Case.


The silicone skin protects the iPad from the shock of bumps and drops and the silicone plugs protect the ports from dust. The protective film protects the iPad Touchscreen from being scratched by objects or dust. The Polycarbonate shell protects the iPad from bumps and drops as well as acting as an iPad stand. If you want to use the optional iPad dock that holds the iPad in an upright position the Otterbox iPad Defender Case provides a access for it.  

The weight of the iPad will increase by as much as 7+ ounces while inside the Otterbox iPad Defender Case. This is the trade-off for the extreme protection from careless handling and environmental conditions. In case you are wondering – the iPad will not be protected from water.


The Otterbox Defender case is easy to install and to remove. The inside is felt lined to protect the iPad from scratches. When protection is important and you know that your iPad may receive some rough treatment the Otterbox iPad Defender Case is a good choice. You can relax when your iPad is being handled by those that will not take the care that you would.

If you like to take your iPad to work or to the great outdoors Otterbox offers the Latch. The Latch provides a lanyard to hang your iPad around your neck and a strap for the headrest in your car.


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