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Overview of Networking in Ubuntu Linux

Updated on April 8, 2012

Ready, to throw your windows PC out the window? Tired of blue screens? Tired of viruses? Well, have you considered turning that windows PC into a Linux PC? Linux might be new to you, or it might not be, but there are some valid considerations that you may want to consider. Just for the convenience of stability and security many are starting to choose Linux over the traditional windows PC.

Linux PCs are a little more complicated than the windows PCs it requires a little bit of knowledge on bash scripting and compiling. If, you are not familiar with it there are hundreds of free resources on line that will teach you.

There are too strong benefits of using a Linux PC, and they are that there are remarkably little or no viruses. Virus coders do not bother with Linux because the market is just not there to take advantage of like windows users. Stability is the second reason for switching there are more drivers and the core files are much more stable than anything you will find in windows. With the newest version, of Ubuntu made so user friendly it is easier than ever to set it up any way you would like. The first we are going to talk about is networking your Ubuntu machine to a windows home network

Ubuntu is an excellent OS, but unfortunately, Microsoft says otherwise. This has created a small problem when you want to network an Ubuntu system into a windows network. They will play but not terribly nicely together. Linux developers around the world have come up with an ingenious idea in getting these too operating systems to play nicely. When setting up a Linux machine we are going to fool the windows machine into thinking that it is actually a windows machine.

There is a program that is out there called Samba. This is an excellent program that is already compiled and no script is needed. This program allows other windows computers on your network to see it and says hello. It also allows for file and print sharing working nicely together when setting them up.

I will try to keep this simple. The best way to get samba up and running on the network is to use a single folder where you are going to share everything that you would like. You can create other folders in side this sharing folder to organize things, however, you see fit.

So, find the folder you created

>Right click the folder

> click sharing options

>choose folder sharing

>put a check in the box and choose create share

> You will instantly be prompted to install samba, and you will confirm and continue.

That is pretty much it this program is an all in one solution to getting you to talk to your windows network and share those files. Now you can start to explore the other benefits of the Ubuntu operating system.


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