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My Review of Panasonic ER206KK Trimmer After Using For 1 Year

Updated on July 30, 2014

Thinking of buying a Panasonic Trimmer but having trouble deciding? Well not any more.

I have brought this trimmer (Panasonic ER206KK) a year ago. And with first impression of this trimmer, I was able to tell that this was no ordinary Trimmer. Even tough this trimmer looks stylish and comfortable to hold, it has a great built quality.

I after doing a lot of research I decided to go for this trimmer because.

  • From my previous experience, I know Panasonic make good home care appliances.
  • It came with 2 years of warranty which is rare these days.
  • This trimmer was Cheaper and have more features compare to other trimmers.

So after using it for 1 year, I can give you fair overview of this trimmer's pros and cons and help you decide if you should buy this product of not. So let's get it started.

Panasonic ER206KK Men's Trimmer ( In The Box)
Panasonic ER206KK Men's Trimmer ( In The Box) | Source

Things I Like About This Trimmer

  1. Stylish and Ergonomic design of the trimmer is perfect for any type of hands, it's neither too small nor too big.

  2. This trimmer is both cord and cordless. This is big advantage because you can charged it before hand for the places where you can't recharge it. And if you are in hurry and the trimmer is not charged, you can simply used it while charging.

  3. This trimmer has a in-build battery, so you don't need to waste money of buying cells often. As compare to other trimmer, I found the battery backup quite good, With a full charge it last for around 1 hours.

  4. The blade is superb quality and much Wider as compare to other trimmers. This is a good thing because wide blades covers more surface area, thus resulting is faster trimming.

  5. This trimmer can give its usability for cutting hair of size 2 mm to 18 mm. This makes it suitable for all type of body hair. I usually remove the plastic adjustments before trimming for smooth cutting but never experience any cuts or bruises.

Things That You Need To know

  1. Unlike Phillips trimmers whose blades are maintenance free, in Panasonic trimmer you have to frequent put oil between blades. The oil comes with the product itself, so you won't have to buy it.

  2. When you charge it, there is no signal for charge complete, which means we can never know if it's fully charge or not. The manual say that in 8 hours it get full charged, so I always charged it not more than 7 hours

  3. Again this trimmer won't give you 100 percent clean shave. But I am happy with the output because most trimmer I use don't give a clean shave either, you have to really shave for clean shave.

  4. The charging adapter is quite heavy, so if you try a lot you might have to carry extra baggage of 300-400 gm.

This is not cons exactly but to clean this product you will have gently push the blades outwards, check out the following video to see how.

Check out the comparison Video That I made with Panasonic Er206kk VS Panasonic ER-GB30-K VS Wahl trimmer

Final Verdict: Buy It or Not ?

I wasted a good amount of time while doing research before buying this trimmer, but you don't have to do it. After using it for around 1 year, I am more than satisfy with this trimmer. Considering features to its price, I will definitely recommend this to all who are looking for a reliable trimmer for long run.

So don't think too much, ahead and buy this Trimmer. You will love it just like I do.

My Rating For

5 stars for Panasonic ER206KK Men's Trimmer


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    • profile image

      Rocky 2 years ago

      After charging it for 7 hours, it only runs for 5 mins