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Panasonic Line of High Definition Plasma TVs: The Stylish 58-inch Viera

Updated on July 4, 2009

Older Age Preference

If you do not mind an older year, then you would be happy to know Panasonic’s 2008 line of plasma TVs showcases the Viera Plasma TH-58PZ800U. Amazingly, the Viera boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. Obviously, with this kind of advancement in pixel resolution, as well as, image-processing technology, no wonder these plasma TVs have the incredible ability to beautifully interpret fast moving images with great fluidity. They accomplish this, in such a way, that every detail is presented with fine-tooth clarity. And you’re left in awe. Let’s explore other reasons that support why these Panasonic Viera plasmas are high definition TVs (HDTV).

Comes with Character

The picture quality of HDTVs are realistic and darn near enticing! The black reproduction makes it all possible for you to truly engage and experience those vivid reds, natural skin tones, breathtaking blues, deep blacks, gorgeous greens and more. This plasma will pull you into its perception of life’s rich and bold colors. Simply by bringing to life an array of colors you already know.

Qualities to Match

That’s not all, either. Viera comes with an anti-reflection and anti-glare technology. Yes! No more moving about the room to try to avoid a certain glare or reflection. No more being in the dark by closing shades, blinds, curtains, or putting up a blanket, or turning off lights to get a clearer view of what you’re watching. Instead, during the day you can truly enjoy the sun and your favorite show at the same time.

Keeping Up

Did somebody yell “motion sickness” just now? I know you’re sick of some TVs’ inability to keep up with the motion on the screen. You’d think you were running while watching a handheld portable TV. But you’re not, you’re actually just sitting still on the couch. Another bull’s-eye for Panasonic! Viera plasma TVs are pumped and ready to show off their smooth and graceful motion to you and anyone else ready to indulge into a new TV experience.

There's no stopping Viera! This plasma is highly raved about. Now you partly know why.


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