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Pantech Pursuit Cell Phone and Case Review

Updated on October 1, 2017

The Pantech Pursuit

The Pantech Pursuit is a lot of phone in a sleek, slim package. It has a Main "Home" screen that you can customize by adding your own background, and this phone also has a touch screen so if you slide the screen to either the left or the right you get two more side screens, one which you can customize by adding favorites, including contacts, and the other you can add shortcuts to different applications in your phone for easy and quick access.

On your main home screen, at the bottom, there are four options which are dial, contacts, Inbox, and menu for quick access to these functions. Clicking menu opens up three screens you can access by sliding the screen to the left, this lets get to your Settings, Tools, Bluetooth, My Stuff, Games, Apps, and a lot more. Clicking dial opens a screen with the options to view recent calls, contacts, and speed dial. The contacts and inbox buttons are pretty much self explanatory.

On the outside of the phone theres a slot for a Micro SD card and volume controls on the left side and on the right is where you charge the phone and a button right under the charging port that brings up a nifty little menu screen that has Music, App Manager, Mobile Web, Call, and Messaging. Under that theres a button on the right side that turns the phone on and off when pressed down but if you press it for a second it will lock your phone for you. Then theres the camera button which opens the 2.0 Mega pixel camera and takes pictures when you press it again, however if you press it for too long it will go straight to the video recorder.

Along with the touch screen this phone also has a sliding feature which accesses the full Qwerty Keyboard. When you slide the phone open It reveals a new screen from which you can access your Inbox, At&t social net, Mobil e-mail, Mobile Web, Contacts, Facebook, and the menu. Opening the internet brings you to your at&t start page which you can customize to show local news and you can add your own pages which you want to follow. I enjoy the browser this phone uses because it powered by opera and isn't as difficult to use as most regular cell phone browsers however its not the full internet that you'd get on something like an iPhone, however its a pretty close second and i have no problems with it.

Over all this is a great phone that i have had very few issues with. Calls come in crystal clear and the people I've called say i sound the same, theres no static and i rarely has issues getting a signal on this phone. This phone has the option to set an alarm, which comes in very handy. Theres also a Calculator, a Notepad, Stop Watch and a Sketch pad. This phone is packed full of fun features and with games like Tetris, Diner Dash, Bubble Bash 2, Text Twist 2, and Rolling with Katamari you just cant go wrong.

The only real issues I've had with this phone is i bought the bundle which included the Blue tooth headset, car charger, and the protective case made by Body Glove. I've had some body glove products before and I've never had issues with them, but maybe its just the style of the phone that kind of makes it difficult to make a good case for it anyway but my case is half broken, and my husbands case broke around the second week we got our phones, he got the blue one and i have the green one. We also had one of the chargers just up and stop working so we are both using just my husbands charger now.

Other then the protective cases breaking, which i don't recommend even getting, and the charger going out which i'm sure At&t will take care of and the puppy i was puppy sitting eating my Buetooth Headset, i haven't had any trouble with this phone and i would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade or anyone looking for a phone thats going to get you some attention because i can guarantee you'll have people asking you all kinds of questions about this cute little phone. Especially if your into texting and social networking, this phone is perfect for you.


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