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ParaChat Makes Chat Rooms Easy

Updated on October 6, 2016

Do you like to chat with friends online? Do you want to have a group chat rather than everyone just texting? Are you frustrated with the myriad of chat application downloads, and just want something easy to use? Perhaps you yearn for the nostalgic days when going online to chat was an occasional thing, and people were not always just tapping away on their smartphones. If your head is about to spin, then stop and count to ten because there is another chat room solution out there known as ParaChat. Do you wish you could just have a simple chat room on your very own website that does not require using the same screen name every single time? If so, then ParaChat might be the application to try. The convenience of using ParaCaht is the ability to visit their website and cut and paste the code right into your own website. One thing I have done with my own website in the past is adding ParaChat, which enables people to chat if they happen to stumble upon my site. The added bonus is I have added url trackers to my Hubs about chat room use, chat room safety, and online dating, which increased traffic to these hubs. So what are some of the other advantages to using ParaChat?

My fingers are happily typing away in a chat room.
My fingers are happily typing away in a chat room.

Parachat Basics

1. Free ParaChat:

Free ParaChat can be added to any website. The ideal part about the free ParaChat code is that it appears as if your website has its own chat room, but in reality people are chatting on a centralized chat room via the ParaChat servers. Having ParaChat on your website will increase key word searches for people who are looking for chat rooms, and thus will bring more people to your site. The drawback of using the free chat application is that ParaChat does not share any of the Google ads earnings like HubPages. If you do not wish to run ParaChat's ads on your website, it would be advisable to consider purchasing a package.

2. Parachat Paid Services:

ParaChat offers a range of packages tailored to meet the needs of each individual website. I am considering running the premium ParaChat on my own website because there are no advertisements, which will allow me to run my own Google ads. However, visit the site and see which package would best meet your needs. Free ParaChat is perfectly fine for those who do not wish to run any type of advertising on their website, but if you are thinking about running ads you might want to look at some of their other packages.

Update: I had ParaChat on my "how to use chat rooms" site back in 2008, but I no longer use this service. Also, I stopped running a site about how chat rooms work, but this info might be useful to people who do have websites on this topic. The premium packages of today seem to be geared towards of variety of businesses that want a chat feature available to retain visitors for a bit longer.

How ParaChat Can Work For You

Here are some of the fun things you can do with ParaChat:

1. Meet new friends to chat with while being free to use a new screen-name each time.

2. Promote your Hubs and bring new people to Hubpages.

3. Promote your own personal website and blog.

Caution: Do not be spammy and simply link drop in chat rooms. Start a conversation with people and ask them if they like to write. Once you have gauged whether they enjoy writing, you can then ask them whether they would be interested in looking at your Hubs. ParaChat is basically a self-explanatory application for those who do not want to download chat sofware and who want a chat room on their own website. Check out ParaChat today and see if it would be something you would be interested in using.

ParaChat For The Smart Phone

I had never considered downloading ParaChat for my smartphone, but there is an app for that! Seriously, there is an app for everything, but now people who miss good old fashion chat rooms can use the ParaChat app to get their fill. Who ever thought chat rooms would seem quaint? Well they most likely do to the Instagram generation. However, there always seem to be young people who yearn for nostalgic things, so perhaps using a ParaChat room might be something fun to try.


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