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Password Vaults - secure passwords for free

Updated on January 28, 2011

a typical password issue

Password Vaults for free

Passwords are born of necessity. Pain in the butt for sure, but they are necessary just the same. Very few set rules govern the birth of a password. Some need letters and numbers, some need letters either caps or lowercase, still others need combinations of both with at least 6 letters or numbers to be valid. Then just when you think that you have the perfect password you may be required to change it every month or so.

The most difficult to remember passwords are considered to be the best. But the most difficult passwords are the most difficult to remember. Thank goodness for sticky notes - right? We all know better but without them we are destined to use familiar names and dates to form easy to remember and unfortunately easy to crack passwords.

A more secure method for password safekeeping is a software solution that not only remembers your passwords but that manages them as well. There are numerous programs available to download straight from the internet, some at a price and some at no cost. Each program that I have included is available as a free download.

Password Vault - is an easy to use software password management program that resides in the system tray of your computer anytime it is on. From there your passwords are available for use on websites and in applications. Use features of this software to automatically fill in passwords, to create secure passwords, to launch websites and to perform security operations.

Password Vault is compatible with Windows 98 and above including Windows XP Pro 64 bit Edition, Vista, Windows NT (with service pack 6a) and Windows server 2003 including the 64 bit Edition.

Although there is a $15.00 licensing fee (buys one key that will work on all of your computers) - Password Vault can be used in trial mode indefinitely and will be fully functional for up to 10 passwords.

Acerose Password Vault - Developed by Dexadine, Inc. which provides the McAfee® Site Advisor analysis to assure that no malicious code will be included in their downloads.

Acerose Password Vault organizes your passwords keeping them both safe and secure. It is compatible with Windows 95 through Windows XP. It can be run on a single PC or on a network. Passwords from other password vaults may be able to be imported into Acerose Password Vault.

This free program not only protects your passwords it can create new ones for you with its cryptographic password generator which displays the strength of the password setting of your choice.

Acerose Password Vault can be placed in the systems tray and you have the option to require a password to open it.

Redundant files protect password and username information and can detect and correct any unexpected change. Up to 10 versions of the files are automatically backed up onto a selected drive or to a network.

Gorilla Password Vault

Gorilla Password Vault stores user names and passwords as well as notes and login information in an encrypted file. A master password is used to protect this file.

Usernames and passwords are posted to the clipboard - then from there they can be copied and pasted into a website or application. The password does not show on the screen so prying eyes are not an issue. Other helpful features include the one time password generation and its ability to merge it with other password databases.

Gorilla Password Vault is compatible with Windows, Apple OS X and some Unix systems.

Billeo Free Password Manager Plus

Billeo Free Password Manager Plus integrates with Internet Explorer as a toolbar and provides automatic fill-in for logins, passwords, credit cards and banking information protected by 128-bit encryption. Individual users can create their own vaults.

In addition to logins and passwords Billeo can save files such as confirmations and articles. You can access online accounts and can fill forms with a single click of the mouse.

Billeo is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, IE 7 and Mozilla Firefox Version 1.6.8.

Obviously there are many other Password Vaults available for download. These are a few that you may want to check out. Another great way to protect your files and information is to purchase a USB flash drive that has encryption software installed on it. Whatever method you decide on should be a secure method.


Password Vault

Acerose Password Vault

Gorilla Password Vault

Billeo Free Password Manager Plus





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    • sharewhatuknow profile image


      9 years ago from Western Washington

      I definitely voted this up. When using a computer for online activities you can never be too informed about how to keep your passwords safe from hackers.

    • alocsin profile image

      Aurelio Locsin 

      9 years ago from Orange County, CA

      One solution to the problem of too many passwords. Voting this Up and Useful, and linking it to my password hub.

    • profile image


      10 years ago from shenzhen

      You can login in administrator account to delete your username or password.

      Or you using Windows Password Unlocker to reset your user password.

    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 

      11 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the information. Good to know.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      12 years ago from Houston, Texas

      This is good information to know. Thanks for sharing it with us! I plan to email this information to other people who may also wish to know of this.


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