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Passwords of Innumerable Email Accounts Published Online

Updated on September 11, 2014

A user registered as "tvskit," on a Russian Bitcoin forum BTCsec had published email account details of 4,930,000 users. The user names along with their respective passwords were uploaded by the user on a forum of a Russian crypto-currency website. The person who uploaded the details of the hacked email accounts had claimed that nearly sixty percent of the email accounts can be easily accessed with the published passwords.

The hacker had posted the username and password of Gmail and Yandex email accounts of users from Russian, Spanish and English speaking countries. Yandex is a famous Russian search engine.

Screen Shot of the File from the Forum

Do you think the hacker had indeed cracked and posted the actual details of the email accounts?

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According to some online reports, the uploaded file was said to be removed/edited by the forum admin.

Online reports suggest that those who downloaded the file before it was deleted / edited by the forum admin claimed that the passwords were outdated, while some were deactivated accounts.

Here is the link to the forum post

To CNews , Yandex and Google made it clear that no current email account has been compromised and the list is very old, hence irrelevant.

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