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Pedal Powered Electricity Generator

Updated on May 30, 2008

We all need great amounts of electricity to spend our lives easily. Electricity is generally generated using fuels that pollute the environment.

We should look at each and every way possible to generate electricity. And there are many ways by which almost free electricity can be generated. One such way is by using pedal powered electricity generator.

Many of you must have seen people sweating out in gyms on stationary exercising bikes. They rotate a heavy wheel at the rear of the bikes using their muscle power. This rotational energy goes to waste. This energy can be harnessed using a pedal powered generator.

All we need to do is to somehow connect a DC generator to this bike and allow it to rotate. This has been done by many people around the globe. I am presenting a few videos here about these generators:

University of Essex - Energy Awareness Week

See how powerful these generators can be!


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