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Pegasus PC Note Taker Digital Pen Mobile or Wired

Updated on March 15, 2011

The Pegasus PC Notes Taker Digital Pen writes on any ordinary paper. As you write – or draw – the image instantaneously shows up on your computer monitor. That image can be saved as is or it can be converted to text. The image can be emailed or printed out as a hard copy.

Is the Pegasus PC Note Taker Digital Pen Wireless?

There are two Pegasus PC Note Taker Digital Pen models available. One works only while attached to your computer and sells for approximately fifty dollars. The other can be used wirelessly and sells for approximately one hundred twenty dollars. Both transfers handwritten notes and drawings to the computer screen.



Wired or Wireless Digital Pens

What Features can you expect from a Digital Pen?

Do you wish that you could write on your computer screen? You know the times when you need to sign a letter or when you need to draw a diagram to make your wishes clear? Writing an email in your own handwriting makes an impact that cannot be duplicated on an ordinary computer. So how can you accomplish this without spending hundreds of dollars for a digital Mousepad or a Touch Screen computer?

A digital pen will give you the results you are looking for. A small electronic receiver simply clips onto the top of your paper. It can be a single sheet or it can be an entire table of paper. The surface is not that important because the Pegasus PC Note Taker Digital Pen communicates with the receiver – not the paper. The wireless version can store up fifty sheets of notes before they are transferred to the computer.


There are many different brands and models and price tags. The features vary on each one so it is important to know what you want the digital pen to do before making a purchase.

If you intend to use a digital pen while connected to your computer you can spend less while having some pretty cool features available to you. If you want to use the digital pen wirelessly such as at school or in a meeting choose the wireless model.


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