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People are the New Artificial Intelligence

Updated on April 19, 2014

Who am I, or more, what am I

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, there was a world out there, without the constant barrage of so called "communication devices". It seems with each passing day we communicate less with people face to face, and more through our electronic gadgets, failing to learn the art of real communication.

What about speech?

We all get excited when our babies begin to say ma ma or da da, but what's the point anymore? We are too busy talking to our phones to talk to people. Just press a button and say text Jimmy, when Jimmy is in the next room. 10 years into the future you won't need speech, just think what you want to say and your micro tech gear of the year will simply input it into the microchip in your head and put it into the mind of the person sitting next to you, through his microchip in his head. Therefore eliminating the need for the outdated past time of speaking out loud.

What about sight?

This may seem extreme, but I believe we are well on the verge of letting electronic devices take over our vision and not just our physical vision by the way. It's already getting there. The google glass is a computer that sits directly in front of your eye on a pair of glasses. Just the beginning. They are already working on contact lenses with computers under the guise that it helps diabetics control their glucose levels. Really? Has absolutely nothing to do with Google taking over the world.

What about sound?

Ear buds are drowning that out. We are too busy listening to Lady Gaga or the latest new sensation that likes to wear meat as clothes, to pay attention to the birds singing outside.

We speak to our phones to type a text (instead of just calling someone) ( mouths out of focus on reality) Our faces are constantly looking downward at our phones, (Eyes out of focus on reality) our ear buds pumping the newest sound waves into our brain (ears out of focus on reality) We have only one sense left to lose focus on reality, our sense of touch. How could that possibly happen? Well maybe we start wearing smart fingerprints (here I go giving ideas) which register everything we touch and put the data into our micro chip computers in our brain to tell us all the most interesting info. You pet a cat and the next thing you know your google microchip implant starts reading off (not aloud of course, in your brain) that the cats name is Kit Kat and he likes to eat shrimp. Who cares about the warm fuzzies you and your cat get from actually connecting. They will probably give them a chip so you can ask them which can of friskies they want today ( Through thought of course).

All of this leads to our brains (out of focus on reality).

We my friends are the androids of the future. Artificial intelligence is us. Slowly we are getting closer and closer to getting totally lost in the technology, that in my opinion, will destroy every aspect ( and is already doing it some) of being human.

I'm not excluding myself. I had to go 4 hours without my smart phone a few days ago, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. It made me realize how ridiculously attached to it I am. Then I tried using a basic phone, and I could barely function such a simple device. Even I have bought into all the hype. I myself am on the brink of becoming a walking talking computer based person. I am the artificial intelligence of the future.

Lord help us all.


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    • Mary Mahorney profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Mahorney 

      4 years ago from H'vegas TN


      Thank you so much.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      What an amazing piece. Great read.

      This is an excellent piece of writing. Honestly, I can easily describe it as amazing.

      I loved every word. Graphics were superb. This hub was helpful, informative and I found it very interesting.

      Voted up and all the choices because you deserve it.

      You have such a gift for writing. Keep writing no matter what.


      Kenneth Avery, Hamilton, Alabama


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