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Personal Experiences on

Updated on July 21, 2010

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Introduction to Omegle

Have you ever wanted to have ridiculous conversations with strangers? Well on your dream can come true! Omegle is one of those few gems on the internet that really leaves an impression on you. It's essentially a place where you go to talk to strangers. Sometimes you can even meet a good internet buddy there. But most of the time you end up getting into wild conversations about sex and sometimes Grizzly bears. The strangers on Omegle have no morals. There is no limit to the fun that can be had with a little trip to

Friendly Example of Omegle Chat

A unusually normal chat on
A unusually normal chat on

Personal Conversation

 This is the conversation I got into while having a Crazy Conversation on Omegle Contest. Basically two people competing to see who can get the funniest and craziest conversation...

You: i have a confession
Stranger: I'm sure you do.
You: i have a foot fetish
Stranger: Well, I have feet. Will this pose a problem?
Stranger: What type of feet do you like?
You: i dont think we can be just friends anymore
You: i want more
Stranger: Hold on.. I can give you more!
You: i want more than just looking and not sucking on your delicious little hot dog toes
Stranger: I have a whole store-room full of feet in a jar! They're all yours, Love!
Stranger: I have hands and heads too, but you're not into that... so...
You: i wonder if i could fit a whole foot inside my brown eye. mmmmmmmmmmmm?
Stranger: Probably so. I have some very large size 13 boots on my man feet right now. Wanna try?
Stranger: I also have hairy man toes. They're mmm mmm good!
You: i have a foot hide the love
im sorry but i can see you and your decadent man feet anymore
goodbye *crys then disapears into smoke*

more text...

This is a prime example of what most conversations are like on Omegle.I do not really have a foot fetish ladies and gentlemen. By the way this will probably be a reaccuring post. So if you liked this hub keep your eyes open for more.


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    • horatio2398 profile image

      horatio2398 6 years ago


    • wissamidrissi profile image

      wissamidrissi 7 years ago from Everywhere

      Most people there are looking for bad things don't you thinks so?