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Perverts Come Out At Christmastime!

Updated on October 28, 2009

Christmas Can Be Deadly


Christmas time if filled with family gatherings, fun, and searching for that elusive perfect gift. Teen girls love to shop and can be seen driving to malls, downtowns, or out of the way places in search of unique presents. Even if two or three teens travel together, they can be at risk, and can become targets of perverts. This can result in molested, abducted, or teenage girls that may never come home again.

Teenage girls, of today, are more independent than ever. They drive their own cars, earn their own money, and come and go without a lot of parental restrictions. Of course, parents warn about possible tragedies and most teens have cell phones with them at all times. But, cell phones can be taken away, destroyed, and become useless without re-charging.

Predators live and work everywhere, which means teens might work or shop alongside a pervert and never realize the danger of just an arms length away. Teenage years are trying enough without the added stress predators, molesters, and murders add to the scenario.

When shopping alone or in small groups, many teenage girls attract the attention of males. This type of man might view them as sexual objects, and fantasize about sexual things they would like to do to the girls. Thousands of girls have been attacked and raped. Some are beaten and suffer terribly from the hideous activities of their attackers. Some girls have lost body limbs, eyes, or were so badly abused that they never recovered. And, sadly, others are left to die a painful and lonely death, or gruesomely killed at the hands of their abuser.

Shopping malls, crowded downtown streets, lonely restroom hallways, and parking lots can be favorite stomping grounds of a predator. Teenage girls can easily to become separated from friends in a mall or in the shadows of downtown shopping areas. The brightly lighted stores, traffic, and busy activities of other shoppers dull senses, lower awareness, and perverts take advantage of the distractions.

Many times, teens talk on their cell phones, becoming oblivious to their surroundings. In an instant, a young girl can be grabbed by a predator and disappear in the crowd. Her cell phone might be dropped and lost, and she has no way to contact her friends or family. Most likely she will be whisked quickly away from the mainstream of other shoppers, and may be assaulted immediately or taken to a waiting vehicle, in the darkness of the parking lot.

Perhaps her friends think she just went to the restroom, or another store, and don't sense immediate alarm. The sad fact is, that many perverts assault or kill their victims within the first three hours of abduction. After the three-hour window of time, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to find and rescue the girl. Just three hours allows the predator to sexually assault, and transport or dispose of the girl's body.

This is where modern technology could come into play. There are devices equipped with GPS tracking capabilities that could be key in saving your child's life. If the teen had one of these devices on her person, parents could activate the unit in their possession, and the GPS would locate the whereabouts of the other unit.

There cannot be too much emphasis on teaching teens about the dangers in seemingly safe places. Everyone is warned about the seedy places in town, and to stay away from undesirable people, but oftentimes, it's the presumed 'safe' places that can be just as dangerous for teens.


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