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Philips Avalon Wireless Fetal Transducers REPAIR !!!!!...Toco M2725A & M2726A.

Updated on August 21, 2011
Philips Avalon CTS Base Station M2720A, Wireless Transducers- Toco M2725A, Ultrasound M2726A & ECG M2727A
Philips Avalon CTS Base Station M2720A, Wireless Transducers- Toco M2725A, Ultrasound M2726A & ECG M2727A
Philips Avalon Fetal Monitor FM-30 with Smart Transducers - Toco M2734A, Toco+ M2735A & Ultrasound M2736A
Philips Avalon Fetal Monitor FM-30 with Smart Transducers - Toco M2734A, Toco+ M2735A & Ultrasound M2736A
Fetal Transducers - Corometrics 2264 & 5700, HP/Philips M1355A & M1356A and Avalon Fetal Transducers
Fetal Transducers - Corometrics 2264 & 5700, HP/Philips M1355A & M1356A and Avalon Fetal Transducers

Philips Avalon Wireless Fetal Transducers

Last month, we received a thanking note and a flyer from Averon Bionics stating that they have now developed the capability to repair Philips Avalon wired and wireless fetal transducers M2725A, M2726A, M2734A, M2735A and M2736A used with Philips Avalon CTS Base Station M2720A. Averon Bionics is the first company who stated in writing that they have developed the repair capability for these latest and complex technology based fetal transducers and provided couple of references. One of the reference hospital in Florida, we decided to check out as our best Biomed friend works there. He confirmed that they had wireless transducers repaired about 2 months ago and all of them are working perfectly fine as per the OEM specifications. It took almost a month to get back the repaired transducers but it was worth looking at cost savings. He also mentioned that they were prepared to send another batch of 25 transducers but the company informed them to send few as they are backed up. Being 100% SMD, multilayer boards and intricate design for dis-assembly, company is slow in turn around. However the wired transducers M2735A & M2736A are repaired within few days.

In order to minimize failures, wireless transducers should be inspected for physical damage before every use on patient. It develops hairline crack in viewing glass for the display when dropped or excessive force is applied. If such a transducer is worn while bathing/shower or used for under water delivery, the water slowly leaks in and causes damage that is not economical to fix. Care should also be observed while docking or returning the transducer to a slot on base station. Excessive push or pulling force on tab results cracks in bottom case as well as the parting line between top-bottom casings looses adhesion creating passage for the water to get in. Either use original battery from OEM or a rebuild from an outfit that uses OEM cell. There are many cheap cells available but variation in internal impedance, charging voltage (even + or - 0.05V) and other characteristics shortens life span. The transducer is MCU based and the programmed as smart charger optimizing to original cell characteristics. Use of replacement cell may generate more heat in shorter span and damage the transducer permanently. There could also be an issue with the safety protection circuit of replacement or rebuilt battery that has non OEM cell.

Wireless transducers should not be left in storage for long time as the battery can not be charged if the voltage depletes below specified level. Whenever battery is replaced or switched, follow OEM instructions strictly and use recommended silicon sealing compound. The Avalon CTS base unit should always be placed in well ventilated area. Once the battery is removed, transducer should be kept in sealed bag, preferably static shielding bag. This is most important as the moisture and dust damage the circuit boards.

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