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Phishing Scam Revenge

Updated on December 12, 2009

Good Day Sir,

I am Barister Mooga Booga and I am anouncing that you have won the UK lottery of one billion pounds!

...Or maybe not. If you have ever received an email that starts off with what you see above or something similar, then you have been Phished!

Criminals on the internet are trying to get people's personal info for all kinds of scams. Often, the perpetrators are from overseas where they're safe from being found or prosecuted. They send there bogus emails out to thousands of people hoping to get a bite. When they do, they get their victims involved in their scams which usually involve some kind of bank fraud and money wiring. The unsuspecting victim is left with the criminal charges and the phisher gets away free since they're in another country.

The Country is usually Nigeria. For some reason, they love running phish scams out of this part of the world. Their local pop singers even sing songs about scamming Americans and getting all their money.

If you're like me, you get these rediculouse emails all the time. I have found a way to get back as these fuckers: The people of Nigeria are very superstitious and believe in witchcraft and Voodoo. Actually, Voodoo originated in this part of Africa and made it's way to Haiti and New Orleans. People have found a good way to take advantage of this. Someone has come up with a curse, (Wink, wink) that will infect the phishers over the internet. Studies show that if someone believes strongly enough that they have been cursed, they will actually experience the symptoms which will further reinforce their belief in it.

You can copy and paste the following message into a reply to the next phishing email that you get. It's bound to scare the shit out of those guys over there.



If you are reading this message and have been involved in any scams or frauds or dishonesty, know that you now carry a curse that will cause you much misfortune.

Many victims of Internet fraud have joined together and found a Voodoo Botono in Louisiana who has great knowledge of ounga and maudit and can communicate with Eshu. A spell has been created to infect all those who participate in scams and dishonesty on the Internet. By receiving this, know that you may now carry this curse.

You will know that you have this curse when you have difficulty sleeping and eating and develop rashes on your skin. Your penis will fail you when trying to have sex. You will feel hot or cold when no one else around you feels this way. These are the early symptoms of the curse. The later symptoms are much worse and attract evil spirits at night. The more evil you have done, the more you will attract.

The cure for this curse can only be found near the home of our Botono in Louisiana. The cure will only work on those who have totally given up their dishonest ways. Know now that you are now under this terrible spell!


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    • Mike360 profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from The Milky Way

      Thanks! We should link them. How do we do that?

    • kirstenblog profile image


      11 years ago from London UK

      I wrote a hub on the same topic, maybe we should link them? It is nice to see other hubbers writing articles to raise awareness about the phishing scams out there! Perhaps if people get educated about this problem we can dry up the market for these phishers! Great hub, I hope people give it a serious read and pass it on to their friends and family.


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