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Phone Cards With No Fees - What You Need To Know

Updated on October 30, 2008

The Advantages of Phone Cards with No Fees

Don't you just hate it when you pay full value for a product but it doesn't live up to its expectations. I sure do. Prepaid phone cards is a great example of such problems. I use phone cards to call friends and business contacts overseas on a daily basis. Sure I save more money then I would have if I used my traditional land lines international phone plan.

But it just really seems unfair when phone cards do not provide the actual advertised minutes that we are paying for.

It's kind of like buying a bacon cheeseburger at your favorite drive through only to leave and find out that they forgot to add bacon to your burger.

So why do people end up buying more phone cards with fees?

Because phone card issuers are smart. They know that online shoppers zero in on the best deals. The bargains. The cheap deals. Then they can brag to people how smart they are. Even if they are only saving less than a penny (Hey, I'm guilty too).

But consumers forget to check the small print details and end up paying surcharges that can bump up a 1¢ call per minute rate to 2¢ per minute. The marketing and advertising crew of these phone card companies are smart and they know what will work to make online consumers buy their products.

To make a long story short, paying for a phone card with no fees and a 2¢ call rate will save you more money for a phone card with fees and a 1¢ call rate. Sounds simple and logical enough, but believe me, people still end up purchasing phone cards with fees.

Now if you want more information on fee free phone cards without reading through a bunch of information, then checkout's website. They offer flat rates to many countries with absolutely no fees.

But if you're the sort that craves information and options then please read on.

Never Have To Worry About Phone Card Fees Again

There are actually quite a few great companies that offer phone cards with absolutely no fees. You just don't really see them offered around that much mainly because they do cost slightly higher. But don't let this fact throw you off from researching further into phone cards with no fees.

You will find out in this article where you can find some great phone card companies that offer no fee phone cards with flat rates.

The difference is most no fee phone cards often cost less then a penny more. But people tend to shoot for the lowest prices no matter even when they eventually realize that they are paying more because of the fees.

Shoppers have an ingrained instinct that the lower the price for a product the more money we save. In the case of phone cards this is definitely not true. 

Let me explain further. If you have already done a search on a particular phone card to call your desired country you will see varying price ranges. Take for example the phone cards below offered by's website.

Notice the first three phone cards listed above have weekly maintenance fees as well as 2 to 3 minute rounding. They may have lower call per minute rates but the extra fees will actually bump up the actual call per minute rate.

But wait, there's more. You have to check the card's full info and you will see the results below. Notice the third line that says "Carrier Service Fee". So not only will you be paying a .69¢ weekly maintenance fee, you will also be paying 38% plus .49¢ per call.

After knowing all of this, it is certainly better to purchase the no fee phone cards with the 1.9¢ call per minute rates such as the bottom two phone cards. These last two no fee phone cards values are more accurate, so you are getting the truest airtime you are paying for.

Make Sure You Check The Phone Cards Details

Below are the full details of the two fee free phone cards from the bottom of the list above. The call per minute rates are 1.9¢ per minute but there are no extra fees deducted from the value of the phone cards. In essence you are paying a flat rate which is the way it should be.

So when you are choosing a phone card from any companies make sure you read the fine print and just use a little bit of common sense and basic arithmetic when doing your research on phone cards to call your desired country.

Phone Card Companies That Offer Fee Free Phone Cards

Here are some great phone card issuers that offer fee free phone cards.

The first one is called This is the only phone card company that strictly offers fee free phone cards. Their rates are relatively reasonable and the services and extras such as account history tracking, multiple phone line usage, no monthly contract and money back guarantee for first time customers is a major plus.

The second company I recommend have a mixture of fee free phone cards as well as phone cards with fees. I recommend not only because they offer fee free phone cards but because they are a highly reliable company with a great reputation in the industry. They also offer a great variety of services and their 24x7 customer service is always helpful.

The third company I highly recommend is called Like Nobelcom, they offer a mixture of fee and non fee phone cards as well. Along with excellent service and customer support Speedy Pin also offer 100% guarantees on all of their products.

All three of these phone card companies take your credit card purchases seriously. Before your online transactions are completed a customer service representative from each of these companies will call you to confirm your identity. So make sure you provide a phone number where you can be easily reached.

Have you used any of these phone card companies before? Feel free to leave a comment.

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