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Man Has Grown a New Appendage for Communication: The Selfie Smartphone

Updated on July 4, 2018
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As an experienced online writer, Vivian brings you the beauty of life in a neat package, easy to read and follow. Here is one more.

The Internet Made Communication Simple

Phone is as indispensable as the Internet
Phone is as indispensable as the Internet | Source

Bullock Carts on the Highway

News as a quantity is precious, because knowledge is power. The communications industry has never seen so much activity like it does now. In fact, the entire world has wakes up each morning to the internet. The internet has now brought man face to face, literally, with each other. Newspapers and magazines are very busy, trying to catch up -- a bullock cart chasing after a locomotive!

Yes, this change seems inevitable, and yet both are distinctly different. Newspapers and phones are merely the carrier of news items and messages. The internet is the conglomeration of things -- automation and research, conception and design of futuristic items, yes the Internet of Things is becoming a reality just as the newspaper caught fire when it was first introduced into the world of the inquisitive man.

Communication Progress Since the Old Days

The Internet has opened up another dimension of communication. Gone are the days of the newspaper and the television. Gone are the days when one had to wait for the mail carrier. If anybody reads the paper, it is more because one is habituated to it or has some ulterior motive like using it for wiping the chair. Rather than sitting on their bottoms and dreaming, the newspapers have extended their reach into the ether. One can read the newspaper online -- breaking news comes to people much faster and many scams come to light because everyone has a phone that can send pictures and relay news messages within seconds.

I have a nostalgic attachment to the old fashioned newspaper and traditional mail delivery system. They sort of rang the bell every day, marking time. The newspaper, the milkman, the vegetablewala, and then the mailman. The modern day phone has put paid to all that and more. Users send messages to the mall for their vegetables and milk. People also send pictures and study online with their phones -- soon they might close the classrooms and schools too.

Versatility of Modern Phones and Newspapers

Since the boom in the Big Data, every phone has loads of applications on it. The ones like Facebook and Twitter are already the designated interaction platform for many people. It is the postal workers of tomorrow, the newspaper, which has now begun its circulation through the phone. This has spawned a new concept in interaction. Anyone can publish online -- start a newspaper, air a song, or write books on their favorite subject.

Death of the Newspaper

Phone Components and Capabilities: The Human Attachment

This telecommunication device is not complete without the charger, the cover, and the wire to connect it to the computer. It is another arm of the computer and of course of the internet. Most of the social changes of today are brought about due to the modern phones, its video recording capabilities and the instantaneous worldwide reach. And yet, it attains completeness when it is attached to the arm of a human being.

Perception to Mail, Internet - Personal Interaction has Changed

Establishing your credentials online has become simpler. Interaction with banks or institutions is swift helping to lay the road for transactions that would otherwise be tedious and time consuming. People have recognized the need for faster interaction. It might not be long before people carry a computer chip under their skin to help identify their locations and activities through satellite sensors. Entertainment as we knew it has changed to become a personal thing mostly through interactions with phones and the internet. Old entertainers are now feeling like fish out of the water. Everyone is broadcasting a new song or a new dance every minute of the day and people find this entertaining.

Add to this the thrill of first person gaming. The most exciting thing a newspaper could offer was probably the comics or the crossword puzzle. Newspapers have gone to hell (Is there such a thing?), have flown over the hills, and disappeared out of sight. And yet the news mongers and news per se lives on. Human society depends on such little things.

Newspaper is a must for most people

Day begins with the newspaper
Day begins with the newspaper | Source

Phones keep the day alive

Computer Age and Smartphones

If any difference exists between a computer and your phone it is the amount of memory that each has and the amount of time one spends using each one. Both give you access to the ether world where you have magical interactions instantly. You can store your thoughts and your thoughtful friends up there and talk and play with them when you wish. You certainly cannot walk around with your computer so it makes sense to buy a phone. Smartphones can do most things you have to to get your work done. You can shop, learn, play games and watch movies or listen to songs. Keep it attached to the end of your arm.

Keeping in Touch Online

Frontiers of life changes according to the perception of the man on the street. In the old days, the newspapers used to reflect this accurately. But with the onset of the internet, things have begun to speed up. Also, keeping up with the news has now lost ground to keeping in touch with friends.

Many people with phones that do not have advanced features keep in touch with their family and friends or keep their channels open for the gossip and news. Buying a good phone will solve this dilemma but for those who have to choose, this alienates their world into 'ours' and 'theirs'. Naturally, in a commercial sense this kind of polarization will result in increased profits for everyone involved except the person who pays.

The phone has brought people into the twenty-first century in style. The Internet is pushing man beyond to another kind of existence where the future is uncertain. Everyone is doing something but "which one will the fountain bless?" as the song goes. Going online and getting involved with the Internet community is the trend now. Science is constantly striving to this end by bridging the gap between the phone technology, Internet technology, and blessed health. You see people check for news on the Internet mostly in the hope that this has happened already.

News is important

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© 2012 Vivian Sudhir


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