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Picking a Digital Camera

Updated on January 6, 2013

Digital Camera

The popularity of both digital cameras and photography has increased dramatically in recent years. As a result more and more people each year are purchasing digital cameras. All photographers. both novices and professional need a camera in order to carry out the hobby they love. However picking out the correct digital camera is never an easy job. There are many different factors you must taken account when purchasing a quality including price, durability, and number of features. Be sure to check out this article for more information about buying a digital camera.

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Why Buy A Digital Camera

As modern technology develops, more and more people are choosing to switch from film photograph to digital photography. Digital photography offers several benefits to both beginner and professional photographers. Digital photos are more affordable. You can also examine them directly after taking a photo making them much more convenient than traditional film photography. Finally, digital photos can easily be edited through different programs.

What Can You Expect to Pay?

You probably want to try and save the maximum amount of money when buying a camera, as with buying anything else. However you need to remember that your camera is an essential too l of your professional and that you will probably use a camera on a daily or weekly basis for many years to come.

Camera prices can vary widely from a few hundred dollars to more than two thousand dollars. It is hard to determine whether you are getting a fair price on the camera without tons of research. You want to make sure to compare prices across major retailers. Try not to buy from private sellers unless you know them personally.

Pixel Sizes

If you are a photographer you should definitively know about pixel sizes. An image is composed of many different pixels, which are basically small squares composed from the three main colors.

A megapixel is about a million pixels. The number of megapixels determine image size. Therefore you normally want a camera with a capacity for a larger image size and more pixels. It also leads to better resolution. However you also want to keep the quality of pixels in mind.

Digital Camera Memory Cards

Digital memory cards add more memory to your digital camera. This allows you to store more memory. Digital memory cards are great because they allow you to expand the utility and usability of your camera without purchasing an entirely new camera.

When buying a digital memory camera, be sure it is compatible with your camera.


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    • EditorsTopReviews profile image

      Steve Pardo 4 years ago from Crystal Lake, Illinois United States

      Yes - Great Idea , I did have a Video on pixels and cards , which I am looking to replace - Thanks !

    • VirginiaLynne profile image

      Virginia Kearney 4 years ago from United States

      I think you have some clear information here but I do think you could add more detail to help the shopper. You might want to include a table capsule to help people see the difference in pixels and cards.

    • Ms._Info profile image

      Ms._Info 4 years ago from New Jersey

      Great tips. I wish I found this hub earlier. I just purchased a new digital camera right before Christmas so these tips would have definitely come in handy.

    • SolveMyMaze profile image

      SolveMyMaze 4 years ago

      Great Hub! I'm looking to buy a new camera very shortly for various projects. It's good to see that you've covered a wide range of issues, and not just the pixel size. When it comes to cameras, one of the most crucial aspects I would say is the battery life and the card compatibility.

    • TinasTreasures profile image

      TinasTreasures 4 years ago from California

      Very useful hub, thanks for sharing.

    • Learning in Life profile image

      Megan Sisko 4 years ago from SW Florida

      Interesting hub. I am very new to choosing a digital camera. So, I am a little confused on the pixels and the memory card. How many pixels should I be looking for? How much stuff will fit on different memory cards?