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Pioneer AVH-P3300BT Car Music System - Specs Explained

Updated on July 14, 2013

Explaining Pioneer AVH-P3300BT Car Music System Specs

The Pioneer AVH-P3300BT car music system comes with some excellent Hi-End features, let’s learn a few of them in details:

Outputs capable of supporting 50 watts of RMS power through 4 discrete channel, making it a total of 200 watts of raw music.

The system comes with a built-in AM/FM RDS tuner and AM/FM tuner with 24 preset-able station facility.

The unit is designed for playing DVD pictures and films, which includes DVD-R/-RW discs in the VR mode.

The system also plays for you CDs which supports CD-R/-RW and video CDs.

In the music platform it will play for you the formats including MP-3s, WMA, WAV, AAC compressed CD audio files, and also info on USB and SD cards.

You also get the facility of playing films on DivX, JPEG format on CDs, DVDs, USBs, and over SD cards.

The Pioneer AVH-P3300BT features gives you the facility of extracting music from ipod, iphone, USB etc so that you are able to hear them at 200 watts of massive power outputs.

The system supports a USB storage input for dispatching information from your PC into the system’s memory.

If you are thinking games, the AV inputs allow you to source MP3 music and game consoles through the AUZ input.

All the options and the features are boldly and distinctly displayed over a bright 5.8 inch anti glare LCD touch screen over the front panel.

The various associated control buttons come with beautiful back illuminated features enabling easy and quick access even at complete darkness. The colors have 113 variations.

The display supports multi language option, such as English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian making the system truly international.

The system may be remote operated but that’s an optional feature.

The different ports supported by the system may be understood with the following points:

An AUX On for the AV inputs at the front.

Direct Sub Drive port

A Single RCA 4 VDC output via RCA

An input for rear camera installation.

RCA pre-outs such as 3 Nos Front + Right and SW

2 RCA output video ports for VCR and AV via mini jacks

USB port at the front panel

Pioneer AVH-P3300BT car music system demo


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    • profile image

      eddy 4 years ago

      yo logre ver videos desde mi usb/*flash sd en formato vidx home theater converti los videos desde mp4 y avi con DivX plus converter, ademas el background debe estar en none y la proteccion de freno en parking.

    • addingsense profile image

      Akhil S Kumar 5 years ago from kerala

      your hub about Pioneer AVH-P3300BT Car Music System is good.

      what about the rate?

      please include that also