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Pixel 3: the Plethora of Technical Errors and Google Updates as Solution

Updated on May 20, 2019

We live in an age where the phone has become more than a means of communication. It has rendered many gadgets useless such as video camera, walkman, radio, maps, and the list can go on an on. The cell phone is now supposed to be everything and anything. The smartphone has virtually changed the way of living that is why so much is projected of any new phone in the market. According to the Marketing Manager of says “Our outlook growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skills and efficiency and these, in turn, rely on the edification of our people”. To gain momentum in the market and tackle with competitors like Samsung and Apple Google launched its two new smartphones: Pixel 3 and 3 XL. After months of leaks and sneak peaks, it was finally launched and promised some incredible features which include:

  • The Snapdragon processor has been upgraded from 835 to 845.
  • The display has also improved significantly with Google’s touting 400+nits of brightness.
  • All-glass construction, the backside of the phone is made of Gorilla glass 5.
  • 40% faster HDR+ processing.
  • Improved detail retention while zooming.
  • Night sight mode improves low-light shots.
  • Top shot mode enables capturing before and after your picture shots.
  • A screening option through which you can locate the exact spot of the caller.


Other than these features the phone came out with its handful accessories. The phone was made to target upper-class consumers and make a breakthrough in the phone industry. However as soon as it was sold, the customer began complaining about multiple things. The phone has many grievances about its hardware as well as its software which Google has assured to rectify through its updates. Let’s have a look about the list of complaints about Pixel 3 and 3 XL which Google has encountered up-till now:

The Pink Tint:

Some of the people are experiencing a pink tint on their display, Google says it’s not a generic problem and it must have been a panel issue in some phones.

Black Crush: While in some phone the bottom appearance is giving pink hue in some phones the grey spots in the display are coming out blacker than gray which results in low contrast in darker scenes.

Netflix HDR: These phones have yet to be certified byNetflix, so currently they are unable to play Netflix HDR videos. The Netflix binge-watchers might have to wait for a while to watch their favorite series.

No WI-Fi Calling: Users have complained regarding that pixel 3 does not support Wi-Fi calling.

Random notches: Users have witnessed few notches on the display; the position is not fixed in all the phones. These notches are randomly scattered on display.

Does not support landscape display.

Scratches: Because it has glass display at the back too, many users have complained of scratches.

Buzzing: The audio comes out with strange buzzing sound that disrupts the entire sound quality.

Excessive Vibration: Many users have noticed that when any song is played the phone vibrates exceptionally. The phone does not vibrate on beats only but also on high dialogues in videos which is quite annoying.

High Volume: Unfortunately, the phone does not come with high volume; the audio quality is similar as compared to the previous pixel phones.

Audio and video recording: The video and audio recording is not enormous as well; the audio recording comes with a buzz and distant voice, whereas video captured is blurry.

Memory problem: The photos captured are not saved sometime by their own accord.

Multiple apps: Although the phone is equipped with multiple applications option but users to have complained about apps being closed by their own in the background.

Google has announced that these problems will be sort out through updates that will be coming soon while it continues to work on further tribulations. Till then customers have to be patient and see how their phone will work after being updated. All in all, google has come a long way but yet it has to go a long way in order to compete with bigwigs like Samsung and Apple.

© 2019 Elice Max


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