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Planning For Nokia World

Updated on October 11, 2011

Preparing For Nokia World 2011

Well a lot of thought, anticipation, excitement and planniing has been going through my head the last few weeks, I’ve been chatting with people on Twitter and in real life about my up and coming visit to Nokia World 2011 in London at the ExCel Centre at the end of October

Now whether I deserve to be going or not is debateable, but the fact is, I am, and I’m extremely honored and proud to be doing so, however I feel I have a duty to try and pay back Nokia for there generosity and kindness, as but for my involvement on the Nokia Discussions Forum

I certainly wouldn’t have been invited, and I know that there are hundreds of people out there who write and blog professionally about Technology in general and Mobile/Nokia Phones in particular whom would love to be there and can’t be ! So I really thought I aught to try and do something on the web, in some way to record and publicise the event, which is somewhat difficult, given my limited presence on the web and also my lack of either writing skills or technical knowledge and also the fact that there will be thousands of pages all over the web and media in general prior to and during the actual event. So the only solutution I could think of was to try and just give some sort of personal insight of my trip, from my point of view, so how to do it ?

Well it’s looking like a very busy schedule, and due to stereo digit typing, my chances of writing more than 140 characters live whilst at the event seem somewhat slim, so I thought I’d try and do some sort of a prequel like this, and then maybe try and draw up a couple of drafts that I could maybe add a few photos toand edit when at the actual event, although as photography is also a skill I lack, even this may prove to be fruitless LOL.

Camera & Booklet
Camera & Booklet | Source
My 3 Handets
My 3 Handets | Source

Anyway on to the event, my trip will start on the morning of Tuesday 25th Oct when I meet @psychomania666 (I’m using twitter handles for people, as not everyone wants there ‘real’ id public, and all the handles do lead to public profiles) at Leeds Railway Station to make the journey down to London to the Marriott West India Quay where we are lucky enough to be staying along with several other people, who I am really looking forward to meeting (I’m also hoping to catch up with my daughter for a couple of hours during the evening as well, as she’s recently moved to London and lives close by) There are people I ‘virtually’ know from the forum including,@JuhisH @AdamF81 @Nhocht and also I know there are people I follow and like on Twitter staying at the hotel, as it’s one of the official hotels associated with the event, and I’m hoping to meet up with @Sheridan01 as he’s promised to bring a few of his large collection of Nokia phones with him for me to have a play with and also @joaoluisc who I have again ‘virtually’ met and chatted with a lot on Twitter, as most of the conversations I have had with people about NW seem to involve alcohol, this is another reason I need to try and do some work in advance of the event, as any skill I do have could be drastically be reduced once I’ve actually met a few people JIf the opportunity arises it would also be great to meet up and chat with some of the other folks I follow on Twitter and the web, but we’ll have to see how that goes ?

The event proper begins on the Wednesday morning, by which time I hope I’m up with a clear head and with all my tech fully charged, I’m really looking forward to the initial keynote speech by Stephen Elop , who from what I’ve seen on video is quite charismatic, and I’m sure I’ll find the whole thing fascinating and hopefully inspiring,I also really want to see as much as I can possibly fit in, or am allowed to, and plan to try and take as many photos as I get chance to and hopefully make a few notes to use when I try to write something about the event.

For the trip I’m possibly going over the top with tech, but would hate to miss out on what is possibly my one and only chance to attend and record Nokia World live, so I will be taking with me my Nokia E7, along with my HTC Desire HD and Nokia N97 as backup and also to give me a better chance of connectivity, which I believe will be at a premium, as I use different sim cards and carriers in them, I’ll also be taking my Nokia Booklet 3G along, both because it’s very portable and has great battery life so will seve as both something to work on and as a mobile battery charger, oh ! and because I don’t own a Nokia N8 I’m also taking my Panasonic DMC-FS42 Lumixcompact digital camera, as it may be clever enough to help me take one or two decent shots of the , hopefully , great new tech I get the privilige to see.

So that’s as far as I’ve got so far, hopefully everything will go really well, I’ll meet some great people, see some fantastic stuff and be able to get and share some great memories as well as i can manage.

Finally I’d just like to say another sincere thankyou to Nokia for inviting me to the event and also to you for bothering to read this,


Stephen Quin

Weapons of Choice for Nokia World 2011

Booklet & Camera
Booklet & Camera | Source
Phones | Source
Extra juice 'n' stuff
Extra juice 'n' stuff | Source


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    • carman58 profile image

      carman58 6 years ago from Leeds, Uk

      Thanks David, getting really excited already, it's going to be a fantastic experience, really want to make the most of it :)

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      Hi, Stephen! Looking forward to meeting you at Nokia World as well! (@middleda). This will be my first NW, and first time to London, so I am excited anon multiple levels! I look forward to reading your preparation posts and continuing to follow your updates on Twitter. Cheers