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Podmaxx 08 | Move Your Music From IPod To Computer!

Updated on November 8, 2008

IPod to Computer Music Transfer

The one feature I've wanted since I first got my Ipod was the ability to move my music from Ipod, to a computer.

The ability to do to move my mp3's from my Ipod to my computer would mean that I could combine efforts with friends and share music in very very large amounts. A friend of mine did know a way to do this previously but the software seemed sketchy and I didn't trust the source of the program and didn't want to risk my computer. The Podmaxx '08 deal has solved this issue and they've got a whole lot more to offer!

Podmaxx '08 offers everything you need to move your music from Ipod to computer. But, if you must have the most recent version of this software. There is also a newer version called Podmaxx '09. They've updated the Podmaxx software a little bit and tweaked it, but for the price. It's still a better podmaxx deal to go with Podmaxx '08 

Podmaxx 08

podmaxx 08
podmaxx 08


  • Ipod To Computer Transfer

Now you can legitametly transfer your music from your Ipod to your computer. Or, get a friend to also get the program and have a new, great method to share your entire music collection. You can also transfer your IPod library directly to a CD. Podmaxx formats files so you can play CD's anywhere.

  • Create Ringtones

The next best part of this software. Podmaxx '08 includes Ring Factory. Now you can make ringtones for your phone using your IPod music library

  • DVD's To IPod

Now you can rip your DVD's straight to your IPod. I loved watching movies on my lunch break, but they got expensive after awhile, now I can put the ones I already own, or borrow from friends for new titles

  • Much Much More....

Price and Where To Get It.

Podmaxx '09 costs around $29.99 if your buying from a retail store. I recommend getting it at Ebay.  If you prefer buying software such as Podmaxx in the store instead of buying at Ebay you can also get it at Frys, Circuit City, Comp USA, or Micro Center Online.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, & Vista
  • Itunes 4.7 or later installed
  • Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 installed

Compatible with with the Apply iPod: mini (4 & 6 GB) as well as all 10, 20 & 60 GB iPods and Nano

Podmaxx '08 Deal at Amazon


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