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Pogoplug allows users to access their hard drive from the Internet

Updated on January 31, 2010

What is on our hard drives is important to us, and it is also important that we can access them from anywhere at anytime. This is important in the age of “cloud computing” where are mobile phones and netbooks, which have little memory compared to desktops, are now used more often. 

Pogoplug is a simple device that can let you access a hard drive from anywhere there is an Internet connection.  It is a simple device that connects to a router, and is powered by an ordinary wall outlet.  From there, the user can plug in their drives, whether they be hard disk drives or thumb drives, to the four USB ports on the Pogoplug. 

All that is left is to turn on an internet-connected computer from anywhere, and set up a Pogoplug account at  There is no credit card account required, because the Pogoplug has no monthly fees for subscription.  All that is needed is an email address and a password. 

With these two things, a user can access any drive that is attached to the Pogoplug, from anywhere.  I couldn’t believe that something like this works, but wireless technology is the twenty-first century magic.  I was given a Pogoplug to test out, and I had my doubts on whether it worked.  Once I had set it up, I plugged a thumb drive that was lying around, and then went over to my wife’s computer in the other room to see if Pogoplug could do exactly what it said it could.  Sure enough, I was able to access my thumb drive from another computer, and that was evidence enough for me that it works. 

Yes, I am giving this product high praises, and I really only have one complaint about it.  You see, the device didn’t really come with any instructions when it was here.  It was a booklet that simply told me how to set it up on the internet, which gave me the instructions on how to connect the hardware.  Of course, the site told me how to set up the thing, but I was still confused on one subject.  The instructions told me that a green light atop the Pogoplug would indicate that it was working, however, this green light was not very obvious.  I had to turn off the light to see what light they were referring to, and it seemed to come from inside the apparatus itself.  I guess that was the green light they were referring to, because the product worked.

All in all, I recommend the Pogoplug, and it can be picked up for $129.00 from the Pogoplug website. 


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