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Pokemon GO: What they are REALLY collecting from you

Updated on July 15, 2016

Throw that Pokeball away ...

Let us get one thing out of the way: Pokemon GO is a genius invention.

It has found a new way for apps to collect THOUSANDS of pieces of data, especially around Geolocation (tracking geographical location).

Geolocation is one of the HARDEST data points that we experts collect. It allows us to track exactly where you are, where your going, and were you are like to be on a day-to-day level.

It also allows us to also run marketing ads and promotions around your unique travel routes.

So what does Pokemon GO actually collect?

Every time you agree to a download or app, you agree to their remarkably long and boring 'Terms of Us'.

Pokemon GO uses this to their absolute advantage: In order to play the game, the app requires you to approve their extensive 'Terms and Conditions' that includes:

1. Full Access to your Google Information

That is right: From your gmail, to your calendar, to even your recent Google searches -- The App specifically downloads all your google information.

If your thinking "Who Cares" then your forgetting the most basic of issues: Collecting this information allows Nintendo to utilize your information for future insights.

That is when my team come in and start to use your information to learn how we can get you to purchase more items.

2. Pictures & Videos

That is right; you've given Nintendo and Pokemon GO full access to your multimedia information. And yes, they are allowed to access them (but not use them).

So remember -- All those personal pictures you thought you deleted, well: I have complete access to them now. And this, in turn, allows us to utilize this information for further promotions.

Remember, we are trying to get you to pay -- And with images, this becomes easier and easier.

3. Creating your "journey map"

Many of you haven't heard the term "Journey Map" before; but the idea is quite simple:

Consumers go through a "journey" when shopping for their favorite brands; and my team is in charge of drawing that journey map.

We need to see your movement so that, in turn, we can think of more ways to get you to purchase items.

This works the exact same way with this app -- We might create a future "PokeStop" or "PokeGym" at a McDonald's, and may give you more rewards if you make a purchase there.

What do you think?

Think the trend isn't such a big deal, and people should continue to enjoy it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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